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Invictus Guitar
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Martin Britz


Invictus Guitar

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / V1.1

Electric Guitar Phrase builder



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Product Overview

Invictus Guitar is an electric guitar library with two instruments: One with dry recordings and one amped containing around 5.7gb of samples each, an advanced pattern editor, a set of key switches for different sounds and more.

Now updated to V1.1. This update includes two new instruments called Poly-Lead and Poly Lead Amped.

To learn more refer to page 9 of the user manual.

The rhythm guitar instruments were also updated to fix a pattern to midi export bug.

To install the update extract and copy the files to the Invictus Guitar folder.
Overwrite the .NKI and other files when prompted.

This is a minor bug fix so you can leave current projects as-is and use the new scripts when starting a new project.
To get around the pattern to midi export bug in existing projects you can temporarily set the tempo to the default of your DAW before exporting.

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The library consists of over 3500 individual recordings. Each of these recordings were hand edited to create approximately 1790 dual tracked samples.

There are sixteen takes of each sound, combined into 8 stereo samples per sound.

There are six different sounds and chords (5th Power chords, two alt chords, heavy and light palm mute and lead), a set of recordings for every semi-tone.



Invictus contains a powerful pattern and phrase builder where you can assign different articulations and chords per step to create seamless and instant phrases.

Each step can contain one of the following articulations and the whole sequence can be repitch live by playing the keys:

  • Palm Mute Heavy
  • Palm Mute Light
  • Power Chord Fifths
  • Lead Picked
  • Hammer/Pull
  • Chord Alt 1
  • Chord Alt 2
  • Ring
  • Mute
  • End
  • Clear

There are also a selection of preset patterns to choose from.

Recorded with a high quality professional audio interface, active guitar pickups, gold plated connectors and quality cables. All recordings are 32 bit uncompressed audio for maximum quality.


  • All chords were played and recorded, no re-use of samples.
  • All chords and notes ring until the sound dissipates.
  • Hammer-on and pull off emulation through scripting.
  • Per sound and per key round robins - several hundred round robins for more natural variation in sound.
  • A pattern editor with 12 user editable patterns.
  • Performance and piano roll modes.
  • Two sets of recordings: Dry samples can be amped using any VST plugins or effects for endless tone and sound options.
  • The amped version offers a set of samples processed with a tube screamer stomp box, rectifier amp and cabinet simulation.


5 Stars (1)
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An Excellent Pattern Builder

SOUND QUALITY: 5FEATURES: 5PRESETS: 5EASY OF USE: 3INNOVATION: 5VALUE FOR MONEY: 5CONCLUSION: This is one of the best electric guitar libraries based on samples and patterns. The sound is pretty realistic. The pattern builder is excellent and you can construct very convincing articulations. However it's a bit difficult to use, but after a couple of hours you'll be able to manage it. I only hope to see in a near future more guitar and bass libraries from this dev.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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