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Indian Bansuri Flute

Version: Kontakt 4.2.2 / WAV / V1

Traditional Indian Flute



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Product Overview

The Bansuri is an traditional, ancient Indian flute. Get that fantastic, well known and loved ethnic sound in your scores/soundtracks.

The range is two octaves, starting from middle C going up.

Please Note: The Full version of Kontakt 4.2.2 or above is required - Not for Kontakt Player

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Image supporting True Legato Intervals

True Legato Intervals

Featuring true legato interval playing, we have sampled this instrument extensively with a wide variety of expressional playing, vibrato, no vibrato, artiulations including different types of turn, more complex ornaments, FP (loud - sudden quiet), accelerating vibrato and airy soft vs harder attacks. These are all switchable throughout playing via two conveniently placed keyswitch areas below the main playing range on your keyboard. 

We also sampled all legato intervals up to the octave for true realism in playing, plus, due to the fact that the Bansuri does not play chromacitally (all notes), we artificially filled these notes in so you can now play it in any key for the convenience of your music.



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True legato expressive instrument

There's enough soul and heart in the scripting to know you're getting an absolute "no brainer" bargain at the sale price. Just get it already. Perfect for ethnic or to nestle in with an orchestral woodwind section for those sweet sweet legato transitions. Use it to dance with a vocal lead for melodic support. Seriously. I paid less than $12 for this. Stupid ridiculous low price for such a polished and beautiful sounding instrument.

Erik Thompson

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