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Illmatic Drum Machine

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2100 Drums



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Product Overview

The Illmatic Drum Machine is a drum producers heaven. This instrument contains over 2,100 samples arranged into 41 different categories and is designed to enable easy browsing and audition of every sound. Each sound can be mapped to any drum pad on the fly.

16 Backlit MPC Style pads for Drum Production with over 200 Kits & Sound Banks. Custom Drum & Sample Bank selector to assign Powerful Drum Pad Infrastructure Routing of EXT Outputs , Assign Choke Groups and Assign FX Mono / Poly 1- 128 , Stereo Width Includes 10 Powerful Multi-Sampled Instrument Sound Modules Studio Quality On-board Effects - Compressor , Transient Shaper , EQ & Tape Sample Rates up to 64 Bit 196,000 Khz Zero Latency Browse Internal Sounds + Unlimited Kit Creation with Dedicated Mix controls for individual sound levels. Mute , Solo , Tone control and EQ for each pad.

Powerful Midi Mapping to tweak mulitple parameters simultaneously from your hardware controller. LED Wav display of selected sounds from pads.

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41 Categories. 2100 Samples

  • 808's
  • Analog Kicks
  • Bass
  • Bongo
  • Claps
  • Conga
  • Crashes
  • Cymbals
  • Digital Kicks
  • Distorted Kicks.
  • High Hats Closed
  • High Hats Closed II
  • Illmatic Snares I
  • Illmatic Snares II
  • Layered High Hats
  • Layered Snares
  • One Shot Drums
  • Open High Hats
  • Percussion
  • Phat Snares
  • Punchy Kicks
  • Snaps
  • Special Processed High Hats
  • Special Processed High Hats II
  • Special Processed Kicks
  • Special Processed Kicks II
  • Special Processed Snares
  • Sub Kicks
  • Tamborine
  • Tom
  • Trap 808 Sub Bass
  • Trap 808's
  • Trap Crashes
  • Trap High Hats
  • Trap Kicks
  • Trap Snares
  • Trap Tubular Bells
  • Vinyl Crackels
  • Vinyl High Hats
  • Vinyl Kicks
  • Vinyl Snares


Powerful and Intuitive Mix controls and On Board Effects Engine will have your mix on point. We teamed up with Divergent Audio to bring you incredible On Board Effects that include The Illmatic EQ to gain control over your Low Pass , Low Mid , High Mid and High Pass Frequencies. The Illmatic Compressor with Threshold , Attack , Release and Gain controls.

The Illmatic Transient Master will give you control over the Transient Attacks and Transient Sustain ! But wait theres more , Check out the Illmatic Tape Machine to give your sounds the vintage feel of a tape Machine with full control over the Tape Drive and Output.

In Addition you have Full and Total control over each pad individually with a separate EQ + Drive , sample start , sample end , sample hold , sample decay , Humanize , pan , Tune , Velocity and Sample Width for EACH pad !

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There are 4 Choke Groups that can be used to program realistic percussion lines and muting



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Illmatic Drum Machine efficace !

Illmatic est une Drum Machine dans Kontakt.Orienté black music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap) elle est simple, efficace, 200 kits, plus de 2000 échantillons.Rien à dire, juste peu être qu'il manque un filtre et que les effets inclus ne sont pas mega exceptionnel.Privilégiez des effets externe (Hardware) comme Lexicon, DBX, TubeTech ... pour redonner au son le "juice" et le grain qui faut pour ce genre de music.A part ça , terrrrribleBravo VIP Soundlabet Merci a Kontalkt Hub


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