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Hybrid Fluids Vol 2

/ 1.2 GB / V1

Sound Design Elements for Motion Picture

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Product Overview

"Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" is an extensive collection of sound design elements created for motion picture soundtracks and trailers. This library is the result of blending both natural and synth soundsources processed through various hardware and software tools and effects. "Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" contains 9 different sound categories: Ambiences, Boomers, Downers, Echo Hits, Markers, Playable Instruments, Risers, Textures and Whooshes. The characteristics of the sounds vary from soft and deep pads to screaming, distorted, in-your-face monsters. Each patch in "Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" features our script and effects system Flow Engine 3.4. It contains a variety of the controllers including re-introduced tonal controller, speed and offset controllers and the heart of the engine - Flow randomizer. If you want to transform the sound beyond recognition, use the effects and control everything, from Note Control or sequencing filters to the incredible mutation engine.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Hybrid Fluids Vol 2


"Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" contains a variety of punchy, hitting and meaty effects - they are Boomers, Downers and Markers. We used so many things to create them, including kick drums, electric guitars, brass, low strings and lots of synths. Then we mixed our recordings and processed them with amplifiers, saturators and many effects - that's how we deliver warm, lush and agressive material to you.


We didn't forget about tension and built a collection of risers and whooshes. We made recordings of brass, strings, piano and natural ambiences in tanks, boxes and rooms. Then we heavily crushed them - we stretched, saturated, distorted them and added noises and our lovely analog synths to the mix - and got these nasty, resonant and unnerving sounds.


The library also includes more natural sounds. We used some instruments in a hall, as well as some unusual soundsources - metal sheets, sticks and bowed metals. Then we put tonal sounds in the Textures category, slowly evolving and long ones - to Ambiences, and then distant hits - to Echo Hits collection. These sounds are perfect for many duties - they widen the space in track, enhance the transitions, give breath and different emotions, from calm to horror.

Playable Instruments

We couldn't forget analog synths since we made the entire "Hybrid Fluids Vol.1" library with them. That's why we decided to include 4 multisampled ensembles of analog synths set on a single waveform - so we've got Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square ensembles. We also added our signature Blood Bass, a lush, warm and gritty low multisampled instrument created to bring meat and agression to the tracks.

Flow Engine 3.4

Our Flow Engine 3.4 is a system of custom scripts, effects and tools. It allows you to manage over 800 parameters of sound. Flow Engine 3 contains 8 various effects: Note Control for adjusting individual note parameters, LFO designer for pan and volume, 4-band EQ, step-sequencing filters & distortion & bitcrusher, rotator, repeater/delay and a combination of 3 reverb effects: digital reverb, convolution and mutation FX. If you want to get absolutely new and unexpected sounds, use the Flow button - it will randomize all the controllers. Also you can use the Macro function to save 2 presets of the entire Flow Engine 3 and blend them together.


  • Ambiences;
  • Boomers;
  • Downers;
  • Echo Hits;
  • Markers;
  • Risers;
  • Synth Ensembles;
  • Textures;
  • Whooshes.


  • over 1.4 GB of soundsources;
  • Flow Engine 3.4;
  • open WAV format (48 kHz / 24 bit).


  • full version of NI Kontakt 5.5.0;
  • approx. 3 GB on your harddrive to download and unpack the library.