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Hybrid Fluids Injection

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / NCW / 2.3 GB / V1

Cinematic Scoring Tools

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Product Overview

«Hybrid Fluids» is a series of brand new cinematic scoring tools. «Injection» is the first expansion pack for our first library «Hybrid Fluids Vol.1» and was designed to be used with it. Though, «Hybrid Fluids: Injection» is a full standalone library.

«Hybrid Fluids: Injection» contains sound packs that were not included in the main library.

We created both familiar sounds (Long Downers, Cinematic Leads, Noise Drumkits) and experimental ones (Tonal Markers, Bass Bursts, Textural Evolvers & Cellar Impacts).

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Hybrid Fluids Injection


«Hybrid Fluids: Injection» contains 5 new sound design categories. In addition to «Hybrid Fluids Vol.1» you get nasty fuzzy Long Downers, deep Cellar Impacts, fresh juicy Noise Drumkits, spacious Textural Evolvers and really epic Tonal Markers.

We could do nothing but pay attention to playable instruments, and we created a bunch of cinematic leads. Underline your melodies with them or use as the main synth — they work perfectly in both cases! Moreover, we decided to make an experimental pack of Bass Bursts — low, meaty, roaring bassy swells, almost like tonal whooshes, good for transitions and tension moments.


  • full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.0 (not compatible with free Kontakt player!);
  • approx. 5 GB free on your harddrive to download and unpack the library;
  • 8 GB RAM recommended. 
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  • brand new custom Flow Engine 3;
  • over 5 GB of sound sources partly compressed to 2.5 GB;
  • 1400+ samples;
  • sound design samples in WAV format;
  • playable synths samples in NCW format.


  • Cellar Impacts;
  • Long Downers;
  • Noise Drumkits (in TMPro and Sampler modes);
  • Textural Evolvers;
  • Tonal Markers;
  • Bass Bursts (24);
  • Cinematic Leads (10).


Our brand new Flow Engine 3 is a system of custom scripts, effects and tools. It allows you to manage over 800 parameters of sound. Flow Engine 3 contains 8 various effects: Note Control for adjusting individual note parameters, LFO designer for pan and volume, 4-band EQ, step-sequencing filters & distortion & bitcrusher, rotator, repeater/delay and a combination of 3 reverb effects: digital reverb, convolution and mutation FX.

If you want to get absolutely new and unexpected sounds, use the Flow button — it will randomize all the controllers. Also you can use the Macro function to save 2 presets of the entire Flow Engine 3 and blend them together.

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