Headphase V2 - BOC Inspired Metamorphosis Machine for Kontak
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Headphase V2
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Audio Reward


Headphase V2

Version: Kontakt 5.7 / NCW / V2

BOC Inspired Metamorphosis Machine



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Product Overview

In keeping with our philosophy of creating innovative new sound design concepts we created Headphase.

Headphase is packed with 1323 custom made samples inspired by our love of nostalgic sounds. Each sound can be controlled in many ways and blended to
create sonically deep and lush textures.

Each sound has been specifcally made for Headphase and we have drawn our inspiration heavily from the Boards of Canada pallette hence the name.

On the surface you can start loading presets and playing Headphase instantly and you can get creative by turning a few controls to see what they do but
Headphase goes much deeper than this. It uses a new concept ‘Audio Design partials’ to give you access to various parameters while just moving one of 4
knobs. These will open up a world of new sounds. Move a ‘Partial’ knob and listen as the sound morphs and changes in various unexpected ways.
We wanted to make an instrument that could be used for rapid inspiration and for generating unique sounds very quickly.

Please note: You must own the FULL version of Kontakt and you must have version 5.7 to load Headphase

Version 2 is included in your purchase.

Kontakt Player Download Manual

Version 2 Included

Headphase is now at version 2 which has a few improvements over the original version.

It also includes 100 new snapshots.

We decided to treat V2 as a new instrument so, when you purchase Headphase, you can download both versions and install them seperately.

Version 2 includes:

1. Dual Gates (each voice has its own gate)
2. Gate syncopation - Adds in an envelope as part of each step so even if you set all the gate step values to the same you will still hear each gate step
3. Voice routing - each voice now has its own routing - which means its own Send Levels and its own FX generated by the smooth partials.
4. Mod Wheel positioning - Move the mod wheel and you will begin to influence where in the wave file Headphase is sampling from.
5. 100 new snapshots

The snapshots are incompatible between versions so we strongly advise you download both versions if you want to use the snapshots or you can just use version 2 if you want to design your own.

Image supporting About AudioReward

About AudioReward

Audio Reward is a brand new development team with one simple aim...To build products that are experimental in nature, comprehensive in features and rich in sound design.

Individually we have been responsible for creating dozens of virtual instruments over many years of hard work and commitment but we have now joined forces to develop a range of small scale and highly creative instruments under our new Audio Rewards banner. We chose the name ‘Audio Reward’ as we wanted to give something back to all the people that have supported us over the years. We wanted to build low-cost, innovative and totally unique libraries that push the boundaries of what a virtual instrument should be. For this reason you will find our libraries to be in a different creative space to most other libraries on the market.

We will try and harness our experience to deliver techniques and designs that go against the norms and build truly expressive and experimental products.

There are many libraries out there with great sound design but what about the actual instrument design? This is where we will try and differentiate ourselves - By building products that contain new methods of manipulating sounds, we will build creative engines, new concepts and exciting experiments.

For each release we will team up with a collection of the best sound designers we can find. So not only will each release be a genuinely exciting concept but it will also contain unique sound design made specifically for each product.

Image supporting Audio Design partials

Audio Design partials

Headphase uses a new and innovative approach to sound design called Audio Design Partials, or 'Partials' for short.

Headphase uses an extensive and comprehensive set of audio design controls to offer you an enormous range of sound possibilities, for each voice these include : Fliters (three different types), LFO's to manage the filter frequency, Vibrato, Tremelo, 4 different send effects, and send amounts (using 5 different effect options) and 4 different insert effects (using 20 different effect options) as well as over 80 different voices, that can have volume, pan and tuning set independently.

Clearly this is a lot of control, and can be used to generate a really wide range of new and unique sounds, but the management of these can be just as comprehensive and complex.

Headphase removes this complexity by using Partials

Partials make it quick and easy to alter several core characteristics of the sound at the same time thus helping you to ‘explore’ sound and effortlessly find
new combinations of settings. We give you all the control you need to allocate a number of different controls to each partial.


The Drift control emulates the tuning inconsistencies/niceties of old(er) hardware instruments.

Drift will slowly move the tuning of each of the instrument voices over time - the further you turn the dial the more "out of tune" the instrument will drift.

Once Drift has reached a target tuning it will identify a new tuning and slowly move to that - so it never stays static for long.

Image supporting GATE SEQUENCER


The Gate Sequencer can be used to add further movement to your sounds.

It can be used to subtly modulate over time or to create choppy sequences and tempo-synced rhythms.

The Gate Sequencer also has the ability to load and save presets directly from disk.


Headpshase has its own serial system. You will be given a unique code when you purchase Headphase which you will need to enter when you first load the instrument to unlock it's features.


157 handcrafted snapshots are included to get you started. Please ensure you place the snapshots in the correct location to use them. Please refer to the user guide for more information.



4.5 Stars (7)
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Verified Review

Not your mother's Boards Of Canada

The manual is brief and to the point, but do read it because the overall approach and the four big (Partials) controls are set up to randomize, not to linearly tweak (the rest of the knobs/controls work in the usual manner). Overall, the patches do have that BOC quality, as implied in is name. If you manipulate it like a dual-voice synth, there are over 6000 combinations if you just load in voice combinations (which can be randomized by the Shape control). Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to generate very divergent versions of a patch. When you do generate something you're fond of, I'd recommend saving it because you will probably never be able to recover it if you continue to manipulate the Partials knobs. By and large, the parameters under each Partials knob are untweakable and only randomly regenerated. When it comes to the output of each Partial, what you get is what you get. So, if the partial-something on that patch you generated is just a little too this or that, you can't just directly tweak it up or down.
Some caveats: The voices are not listed alphabetically. You can't parallel the same voice; Voice1 and Voice2 must be different. The Pitch control moves in increments of 0.72 (but an Alt-click will round the displayed value to a whole number). Depending on the patch, the Gate Sequencer can cause some radical jumps in volume but it can add a lot to any patch.
I'm a fan of ChannelRobot so I expect randomization and a different approach. Headphase does offer a lot of value for the price and is a nice, creative addition to a Boards Of Canada arsenal. The 3 Stars are more for niche than average, and the more I use it, the more I like it.

Stan Borek

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

BoC sound we're all after!

Instant purchase! How can you say no to this price?

Josh Richman

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Intense and lush textures

Headphase is excellent for intense and lush textures. You will find a lot of gems in this library, at a reasonable price. Audio Reward wants to be different and offer new experimental libraries. Headphase is a perfect market introduction for a new company, very well produced and used in your score or as sound design elements. I am excited about the next products from Audio Reward.

Thorsten Meyer

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Rhythmic nostalgic warmth

This library goes big on the rhythmic side of BoCness. So much so that while fans of the BoC style will love this, it's about much more than that. Only really tweaked the presets so far and while the sounds are stunning, I've found they need quite extensive EQing to make sure they don't overwhelm the mix. Love the Shape/Sculpt feature ... many unique tones can be had.

echo sonic

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review


I love the world you step into when you enter into headphase. You can spend hours tumbling down the rabbit hole - it is fantastic.

sam spade

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

This one could be called "beyond BoC"

This library is an odd one, it carries some "Boards of Canada" vibe, but not as obviously and not as lo-fi as AudioWarp´s "Retcon".

I actually like using it as a "random inspiration generator" because every time I randomize stuff, I come up with something that keeps me noodling with only this and a Space Echo for hours, with the same kind of feeling I had when I got my first Promars synth. Later in the production process, I´ll often replace Headphase with virtual analogue synths for better detail control, but it´s still a nice jamming and drafting tool.

marc klinger

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

I wish I could give this ten stars!

This is one of my favorites of all time. I had never seen anything like Headphase before. I love keys, leads, and pads that are a little left of center, and Headphase provides infinite possibilities of that. The way the randomization can be customized brings a whole new dimension to sound design.

andrew owsley

Demo - Headphase V2 Demo

I actually loved Headphase so much, I made two demo songs. Besides the drums and some sub bass, its all Headphase sounds

Demo - Ambient Vol 1 - Over 90% of this album is Headphase!

This is a 6 track album mixed for seamless playback. Over 90% of the sounds in this are Headphase. The last track "biliot, inkiliti" has many elements outside headphase but still overall just headphase. "tower repair" contains short ambient vocal splashes, but outside that is all headphase. 1. 0:00 - dissonance 2. 2:42 - familiar road 3. 4:06 - i think we're safe for now \ shelter song 4. 5:16 - shadows, and not 5. 7:22 - tower repair 6. 9:19 - biliot, inkiliti

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