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Version: Kontakt 5.3.1 / NCW / V1

Chromatic Sequencers



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Product Overview

In 2010 we started building sequencers, and frankly we never stopped, but we were never going to build ordinary X0X0X0 sequencers, we wanted something that was generative and unique, something that would surprise us from time to time with its output. Nothing too out there you understanddifferent but still usable. So we built the four smart machines included here (tho' you could count them as 5 instruments as included here is the un-released River:Chromatic).  It took a couple of years to get them right.  

Now here they are all packaged up together as a little family of sequencing bedfellows. Will they replace your DAW? No never, but they will give you very fast access to new and interesting (and maybe different to your usual) melodic structures. You can of course point their MIDI output at your own samples, or synths but the included sounds can be very effective too. 

Below is what was said as each product originally launched (beware marketing hyperbole may well be encountered):  

Kontakt Player
Image supporting Grid Machine Matrix

Grid Machine Matrix

Is it Tenori-on? Is it Monome? No its GRID MACHINE//MATRIX! the coolest most cost effective way to get into grid-based audio. GM//MATRIX is a massively powerful, engaging, fun way to develop unique melodic content from literally under your finger-tips. 

Featuring 50 sound-banks in 5 Kontakt instruments all meticulously multi-sampled for use in the instrument by GM//MATRIX creators ChannelRobot. Sounds custom designed to match the grid based approach and for use across a wide range of genres from DnB, thru Dubstep and on into House and more. Rich, fat analog leads and basses, shimmering pads and leads and in the unlikely case that they're not what you want GM//MATRIX outputs MIDI thru Kontakt to your favourite synths for even more creative possibilities. 

GM//MATRIX features nearly 30 different pattern approaches, heaps of scales and keys, variable tempos and velocities, random notes and stutter repeats all allowing unlimited new melodic content, as commercial or as dark as you need. 

Image supporting Grid Machine River - Percussion

Grid Machine River - Percussion

Grid Machine//River, is an innovative phrase player for Kontakt 5+. River comes with over 160 multi-sampled percussion instruments and provides users with an innovative new approach to the creation of percussion tracks and loops. 8 streams each playing a user-defined three-part phrase contribute to unique new and poly-rhythmic output. 

Easy to use and creative River is a new approach to developing your own percussion and rhythmic output. Designed to have users up and running with whole new tracks within minutes and providing endless variations and possibilities with just a few mouse clicks River can be controlled and played using the included key-switch system. 

Image supporting Grid Machine Chain

Grid Machine Chain

GRID MACHINE//CHAIN, the third instrument from the grid machine series comes set up to deliver cascading melodic grooves for use in every genre of modern electronic music. From simple Phillip Glass like endless repeats, thru house  key parts and on into downtempo atmospheric hooks. Not just simple 4/4 grooves either, Chain can build bubbling strange time signatures thru three/four, five/four, six four time and on. Anything that needs a melodic twist, or anytime you need melodic inspiration Chain is there to provide the input. Use the internal sounds or route Kontakt to your favourite synth for your own entirely unique compositions. 

Featuring 50 sound banks custom designed and multi-sampled for use in Grid Machine Chain by GM//CHAIN creators Channel Robot. Endless engaging varying patterns are available at your fingertips. All this from a new approach to sequencing, that will have you building completely original tracks straight away. 

Image supporting Grid Machine Pulse

Grid Machine Pulse

GRID MACHINE PULSE, machine number 4 from the grid machine series comes set up to deliver strange unique melodic grooves for use in every genre of modern electronic music. From every type of cinematic piece, thru house melodic parts and on into downtempo atmospheric hooks. Atmospheric and restless, to calm and hypnotic the possibilities are endless. Anything that needs a unique melodic approach or anytime you need melodic inspiration Pulse is there to provide the input. Use the internal sounds or route Kontakt to your favourite synth for your own entirely unique sounds. 

Featuring 20 PULSE presets and 5 Template Instruments custom designed for use in Grid Machine Pulse by GM PULSE creators Channel Robot. Endless engaging varying patterns are available at your fingertips. All from yet another new approach to sequencing, that will have you building completely new inspiring original tracks straight away. 



4.5 Stars (5)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Can create a multitude of interesting rhythms.

The technology involved in this collection is quite impressive and unique.I am a software junkie but have never come across anything like this collection. I have been writing music/composing for over 25 years. So sometimes it gets a bit repetitive. Using this collection was a whole new approach to creating music. A good deal of fun ending in very productive sessions.I loaded some of my piano and orchestral instruments and came up with some beautiful music. Although it does come with a lot of really great sounds. Very useful sounds for film soundtrack work. As well as electronic music.
I especially like the random features and the very useful pattern presets. The design of the interface makes it simple to use. Within 20 minutes I learned it inside and out.Which is impressive considering how complex the collection is.
I would really like to see Push and Launchpad integration for the Matrix. I did it myself except it stops working when I use the random feature.With the 64 pad grid it is a no brainer considering the millions of Push and Launchpad sales. Make one YouTube demo video and you could make a fortune!!!

Franklin Vanderhyde

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Innovative but Niche

SOUND QUALITY: 4; FEATURES: 5; PRESETS: 4; EASY OF USE: 4; INNOVATION: 4; VALUE FOR MONEY: 5; CONCLUSION: Pretty innovative and offering a lot of possibilities. Not very difficult to use. Unfortunately the sounds it comes equiped with are very niche and not for every kind of music and MIDI output through Kontakt isn't the best solution.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Matrix especially is pretty cool - not so sure about the others...

As their website says, Channel Robot "were never going to build ordinary X0X0X0 sequencers" and they're not kidding. Of the four sequencers in this bundle, Matrix is the most straightforward (or least obtuse, anyway), distantly followed by River, while Chain and Pulse I've shoved in the "Life's Too Short" folder. So this review is mainly about Matrix as it's the one I've spent the most time with.

Matrix is idiosyncratic, quirky, glitchy, unpredictable and a lot of fun. I've recorded some really nice MIDI phrases using it using Kontakt's MIDI-out function, which is usually set up to trigger other VSTs - tbh the onboard sounds and effects are mostly somewhere on a scale between "Actually That's Not Too Bad" and "Please Turn That Off Now". Tip #1: save any patterns you like IMMEDIATELY as your next button click might lose it; Tip #2: shifting the row/column Offset parameters of a saved pattern can generate some cool off-beat phase shifting effects, depending on what pattern you're using (unfortunately the Offset function is one of the parameters that doesn't have a keyswitch assigned to it); Tip #3: If you like the rhythm of your pattern but want to change the note output, just re-select the same key or scale you've currently got going.

Matrix is definitely one of the most fun random pattern generators I've come across. If you're willing to try something that throws back something unpredictable/uncontrollable but often surprisingly inspiring, give it a whirl (and maybe wait for the bundle to be discounted)

Quick mention of River: I _think_ I've managed to work out how to exercise some degree of control over the output, but that's really going against the spirit of the instrument. If you're looking for 4-to-the-floor beats, forget it, but if you want clattering polyrhythms bordering on chaos, give it a shot.

Kenneth Joynes

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review


Perfect combo

art zik

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Creative sequencers

I picked up this whole collection for pennies in a sale, and they're all fantastic inspiration machines.

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