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Legendary 1920 Steinway D



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Product Overview

World-renowned pianists like Keith Jarrett or Chick Corea have recorded classic albums on this exceptional Steinway D.

Bauer Studios' Steinway D grand piano was built in 1920 in Hamburg, the german factory of Steinway & Sons. Over almost 90 years this instrument has achieved a very deep and intimate timbre, thus providing an energetic personality and a beautiful singing tone. Richie Beirach called it 'The best piano in the world’.

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The VINTAGE D brings a true piano feel to life. Over 2,000 individual samples and 13 velocity zones allow each note to come through with stunning realism. With mechanical and string 'noises' being a main part of a piano's realism, the VINTAGE D also features the 'dying string' release sounds, the hammer noises and the pedal, damper and vibrant string noises, all individually adjustable.


We sampled the resonating strings with the sustain pedal up and down separately enabling an individual adjustment of the VINTAGE D's resonance using the 'Resonance' and the 'Overtones' controls.

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The Pianists

Many pianists have used this particular grand piano during their recording sessions including Monty Alexander, George Gruntz, Joe Sample, Geri Allen, Kevin Hays, Wolfgang Schmid, Richie Beirach, Abdullah Ibrahim, Martin Schrack, Carla Bley, Simon Nabatov, Aki Takase, Rainer Brüninghaus, Oregon, John Taylor, Uri Cane, Kristjan Randalu, Olivia Trummer, Frank Chastenier, Ozone Makato, Ralph Towner, Chick Corea, Jörg Reiter, Florian Weber, Wolfgang Dauner, Guillermo and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Dieter Falk and Keith Jarrett.

The Recording

Home of the VINTAGE D are the Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg/Germany. Their customer list reads like the who is who in Jazz, Pop and classical music.

To keep and enhance the warm and lively character of the instrument, the VINTAGE D has been recorded with modern high-end microphones, but also with vintage tube mics, especially the legendary Neumann U47 and KM53. Center of the control room at Bauer Studios is an AMS Neve Console, which has been extensively in use for the recordings, supplemented by other special preamps like the very rare Telefunken V41.

The resulting sound is a combination of different microphone levels, no compression or eq has been used within the mix: It's the 'real thing'.


Changes the tone colour or timbre from soft (left) to hard (right) by readjusting the sample mapping. It's a dynamic way of mapping, while balancing the volume differences between softer and harder samples. As a result of turning the 'Colour' knob to the right, you will hear the piano sound 'harder', crispier, and with 'more attack'. Turning it to the left it'll sound 'warmer', 'softer' and with less 'attack'.


  • Based on samples of Bauer Studios 1920 Steinway D, featured in legendary recordings
  • 13 modeled velocity zones for a wide and smooth dynamic range
  • Chromatic mapping
  • Over 2000 samples in 24Bit (10GB/5GB with sample compression)
  • Chromatic and multiple velocity resonance and release samples
  • Multi-velocity pedal, damper, hammer and string noises
  • Real una corda samples
  • Real overtones
  • Powered by Kontakt Player engine
  • Kontakt Player license included
  • Compatible with Kontakt (Player) 4.2 or newer
  • New direct access user interface
  • Lossless sample compression for better disk streaming
  • True half pedaling when using a continuous sustain pedal
  • True repedaling and sostenuto
  • Adjustable pedal, hammer, damper and string noises
  • Pedal and damper noises dynamically playable with a continuous sustain pedal
  • Adjustable lid positiion
  • One-knob control of tone colour and dynamics
  • Intelligent EQ for warmth, punch and brilliance
  • Sympathetic string resonance with real overtones
  • Flexible and easy-to-use velocity editor
  • Convolution reverb with many different types of rooms, concert halls and ambience
  • Adjustable stereo width and position
  • Specially designed compressor for pop piano sounds
  • Pad Machine
  • Warp Engine for sound design beyond regular piano sounds

The Interface

The VINTAGE D’s extensive tweaking options make it perfect for all contemporary productions: Control the levels of the pedals, damper, string and hammer sounds. Adjust the timbre with the Color knob. Turn the Dynamic knob to change the dynamic range. The Lid control adjusts brightness. And built-in effects allow you to you fine-tune the sound without ever leaving the interface.


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Sits well in a mix. Realistic.

I have a ton of Software pianos, sampled pianos and Kontakt instrument pianos. A ton! But this one sits in a mix better than any of them. I can't explain why. It sounds like a real piano in the mix of other instruments. After I've tried Piano in Blue and Alicia's Keys, and a bunch of others I turn to this, and surprisingly with just a few tweaks I get the perfect sound. The additional pads and string patches are useful too.

Thomas Lichtenstein

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