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Flying Hand Percussion

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / V1.5

Dedicated Hand Percussion Library



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Product Overview

FlyingHand Percussion is a dedicated Hand-Percussion sample library.

With over 30,000 samples, it represents an authentic and evocative ensemble utilizing a great number of articulations, true replication of the drums’ characteristics, and authentic nuances from each instrument.

Whether you are composing or playing live, the instruments are responsive, full of authentic character, allowing complete genre freedom no matter the type of music you play or write.

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Main Features

  • Winner of Electronic Musician Editors Choice Award
  • Sampled to the EXTREME
  • Features over 30,000 individual samples, 4x Round Robin, up to 20 velocity layers, and up to 3 microphone positions.
  • Each drum fulfills its true musical potential with a multitude of extended articulation techniques using unconventional playing styles. –
  • 50dB of dynamic range and totally noiseless!
  • Meticulous collection of articulations / extended techniques / Left-Right hand samples / multiple playing zones, and combination strokes.
  • Realtime replication of live performance sonic nuance and instrument control.
  • Custom impulses with a variety of rooms and halls.
Image supporting Mirror Mapping

Mirror Mapping

Hand drums are usually played using 2 hands. Building realistic grooves relies on this fundamental technique.

In FHP we sampled unique Left and Right hand samples for ALLarticulations (!) When designing the MIDI mapping layout, we completed the original 2-hand premise and mapped the Left and Right hand samples symmetrically in a mirror-like fashion.

We also simulated the physical location of articulations as it relates to the mapping layout so triggering sounds from the center of the keyboard, is respective to articulations played on the center of the drum skin.

Legato Drumming

Legato Drumming is a feature specifically designed for hand drum samples.

It adds a layer of real time gestural sounds, simulating typical vibrations and hand noises that occur when moving between articulations. Appropriate sounds are added during playback and react to speed and dynamics.

Additionally, sustain and resonance is automatically controlled when playing muted articulations or when muting a stroke on the fly.

Wide Dynamic Range

FHP features around 50dB of dynamic range! A wide dynamic range is much more than just lots of velocity layers – it’s about the science of optimal distribution of intensity levels within the velocity spectrum.

Every dynamic level is clearly defined with musicality and character. It’s one of those things that makes FHP so special.

Extended Articulations

Percussion instruments, and hand Percussion in particular, offer so much more diversity beyond traditional articulations. Especially when expanding them with extended and unique playing methods.

In doing so, each instrument becomes a world of sound and detailed nuance, giving you an opportunity for expressive thematic writing.

The Instruments

FlyingHand Percussion features mostly hand drums. Although the majority of the included drums are considered ‘ethnic’, it is not your typical ‘World Percussion’ library. FHP explores depths and nuances from each instrument so that it becomes a world of idiomatic articulation, supplying you with real thematic tools to enrich your Percussion arrangements.

FlyingHand Percussion includes hand selected acoustic instruments, and several types of bonus sound design, metallic, and electronic percussion sounds.

Overview about what type of instruments were used and how they fit the vision. Also give a quick summary of the recording concept and overall production style.

  • Asian Bamboo rattlers. 4 different sizes to choose from.
  • 14” Ashiko African Drum. Features rope tension and solid Maple shell.
  • An Orchestral Bass Drum. Suspended and played with hands.
  • A variety of Bell-like instruments.
  • Wooden Bongos with thin Mahogany heads.
  • ‘D’ and ‘G’ Boomwhacker pipes.
  • The earthy and one-of-a-kind ‘Piru’ claves.
  • Custom made Clay Drum resembling an Udu.
  • A hi-end set of 2x Congas.
  • 3 different types of cowbells.
  • 16” Djembe.
  • 16” and 22” Frame Drums.
  • Indian Kanjira Hand Drum.
  • 14” and 16” hi-end Timbales with all Brass shell.
  • Brass Triangle and the one-of-a-kind Trine Instrument.
  • Custom made Indian Naal Drum.
  • 5 Gallon Plastic Jug.
  • Assorted Shakers including Plastic, Wood, and Bamboo.
  • Electro Acoustic Drums synthesized from the resonances of found objects including electronic drum sounds.
  • Cinematic Sound fx, re-pithced instruments and Virtual ensembles.
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Continuata Download

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5 Stars (2)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

very realistic, great variety of articulations

I've been using this for a few months now, and it's pretty great. The majority of the instruments (especially the membranophones) have a great variety of articulations. I own some other, cheaper, libraries that have just a few basic sounds per djembe, conga etc and they can work, but they're nowhere near as REAL sounding as what you an get from this library, especially when you really take the time to mix up the variety of notes and the velocities.

The left / right mirroring is also awesome. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but it really does come through, especially when you adjust the left hand velocities to be generally / usually lower in velocity than the right hand, as this mimics how most people play hand drums i.e. with the dominant (usually right) hand playing the louder downbeats.

I bought numerous cheaper one-off libraries (djembe, tambourine, shaker, conga, bongos etc) before I bought this, but I wish I would have just saved that money and gotten this right off the bat.

Jess Bednar

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

The greatest ideas are simple ones

One of the most deeply sampled, realistic, playable, intuitive and cleanest sounding Kontakt instruments I've had the pleasure to come across. The 'mirror mapping' of left and right hand articulations spread out across the keyboard to replicate the centre to edge timbral variations of the instruments is pure programming genius and just begs the user to actually 'play' their parts into a DAW like a real percussionist

Iain McCulloch

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