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Eyal Levi Expansion

Version: Kontakt 4 / WAV / V1

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Product Overview

Have you ever spent hours in the studio tweaking drum sounds only to hate the result the next day?

The Eyal Levi Expansion gives you great drum sounds right from the start that are sure to soon be a staple in your studio. Don\'t waste those creative juices on drum mixing when you can make great music now and discover new drum tones quickly and easily!

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  • Each drum is uniquely refined for a variety of musical styles
  • Forge interesting drum tones with precise blends of carefully planned processed signals
  • Control the low end focus of your kick with low and hi sub faders
  • Add punch or snap on snares, literally
  • Interact with toms using included tools to make a great blend for any song tempo
  • Build an epic drum mix with included signals on faders such as "Crack" and "Punch," or "Length" and "Verb", just to name a few
  • Right out of the box the Eyal Levi Expansion is fully mixed and ready for battle!
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Eyal's formal composition upbringing along with Drumforge's unique setup and scripting has enabled us to create this indispensable tool for all song-writers and mixers alike. With this expansion, you'll be equipped with an arsenal of drum sounds to write and mix an army of songs.

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