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Evolution: Dragon

Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / WAV / V1.1

Powerful Sound Design Tools


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Product Overview

Evolution is a powerful and massive collection of sound design tools created specifically for writing music for hybrid soundtracks and trailers. Evolution is a handmade instrument for modern composers and sound designers. This sample library contains 3.5 GB of content and over 120 instruments.

The main product feature is easy customization, that saves your time. Its powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make own underscore patterns and simplify your work as never before.

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This library contains high quality recorded, ready to work instruments and designed rhythmic elements, synths, basses, pads and other types of instruments designed from both acoustic and synthetic sources. The main part of Evolution is the ready-to-work flexible rhythm designer, which allows you to put various rhythmic elements to your tracks simply and quickly.

The user interface was built for easy customization, keeping you focused on your workflow. It allows you to change not only rhythm patterns (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/4T, 1/8T, 1/16T, 1/32T) in rhythmic type of patches but to change the whole structure of the samples as well. One of the problems in modern scoring sample instruments is transformation from one rhythm pattern to another, that can lead to wrong dynamics. This is especially clearly seen when we need to shift the weak and strong beats of the loop.

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Evolution: Dragon - the first brand new instrument from our Signature series, born out of insomnia, built around composer and sound designer Arseni Khodzin and composer/programmer Evgeny Emelyanov. Additional editing and recording content: Arthur Basov. Custom 3D graphic user interface design: Alex Pashuk and Igor Strelnikov.

This sample library is specialized in creating cinematic/hybrid trailer music. The main product's feature is easy customization, that saves your time. Its powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make own underscore patterns and simplify your work as never before.

The hybrid scoring tool includes all "must have" elements for creating real Hollywood trailer sound design and will be useful not only for composers but for everyone who has relation to film/game trailer industry. "Our main goal was to create something special that helps to make easy and fast music score"



  • 48 Whoosh Hits
  • 36 Sub Hits
  • 48 Whooshs
  • 30 Short Hits
  • 48 Braams
  • 48 Tonal and Untonal Risers
  • 24 Downers

Pulse Designer:

  • 26 Hybrid Bass Riffs
  • 48 Bass Pulses Designer
  • 24 Mid Pulses Designer
  • 48 High Pulses Designer
  • 24 Click Rhythms Designer

And over 120 Synth Patches

  • Pads
  • Bass
  • Leads
  • Guitars
  • Drones
  • Piano


Our engine contains over 16000 lines of code and includes many engine controls, including Tempo-Host-Synced Step-Sequencer, Gate, Pan and Filter Controls. Two tempo-synced/not-synced modulations. Main Hybrid Control knob, Glitch/Randomizer, Effect Controls, Purge Mode, Gate Decay, Glide, Stereo Control, Whoosh control and presets.



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Not Just For Trailer Music.

I purchased this with the intention of using down the road for branching out into trailer /game music.While trying out the vast amount of instruments,I found extremely useful sounds for other types of music. I compose a great deal of chamber orchestra and intimate solo strings,piano acoustic guitar.The guitar and piano instruments were a pleasant surprise.As were the Tonal instruments.Pads,Atmo and Drones are very useful. Everyone seems to have the scary sounds. But this also has the beautiful and intimate textures. The short Hits are amazing. I own a dozen hit libraries.Never thought I would need anymore. But these are a must have.The sounds geared for trailer music are very high quality and cover anything you would need for this type of music.
It will make it very easy for someone like myself to branch out to a new genre. Very large library!! Cover all the sounds. Very large and detailed sound. I do not have any thing bad to say about this.
Bought it on sale for a low, very affordable price. But it is a bargain at any price

Franklin Vanderhyde

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