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Epic Series
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Epic Series

Version: Kontakt 4.2.3 / WAV / V1

Six hard-hitting electro-percussion and orchestral kits



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Product Overview

Stretch That Note EPIC electro percussion and orchestral hits modules.

EPIC Series 1 is a suite of six hard-hitting electro-percussion and orchestral kits driven by a Kontakt - compatible engine featuring four unique Warping Machines. GRID offers real-time stretching and compression for granular mayhem, SCUZZ and TIME WARP independently change playback speed or pitch while preserving transients to alter size or scale, while FORMANT implants vocal/robotic characteristics.

The MOVEMENT module then lets you pan sounds in front, behind or even completely around you. You can also CRUMBLE samples bit by bit, add DARK grunge and AMBIENCE. Incredibly, all these features can be edited for each individual sound! The hundreds of raw EPIC samples have also been pre-treated using extensive processing for truly impressive results, even without these Machines in circuit.

However, like all STN products, EPIC's real power lies in the layering process – you can stack and layer any of the EPIC modules and drumm kits to create really BIG sounds. EPIC – not only an electro-percussive sound module/sample library with effects and Warping Machines. It's a WEAPON!

EPIC by name, EPIC by nature!
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You get all six of the EPIC modules and each module carries all the primary percussion and hits samples you would expect from an electro orchestral percussion module: ambient hits, glitch, multi layered percussion etc... 
These modules can then be layered to create seriously vast and expressive drums. Each module is very specific in terms of processing and content, and great care has been taken to ensure the modules layer to give you incredible textures which STN guarantee will sound VAST!
Each and every EPIC module has been produced with specific M/S and phase cancelation processes to ensure that there are no frequency clashes, summing and cancelation when used for layering purposes.
Additionally, EPIC can be used with DruMM to give you even further colours and textures.
The whole purpose of EPIC is to afford you the freedom and scope to maul any sound in any way you see fit. For this reason alone we have developed the tools that any drum and beat producer will want at their fingertips. 
EPIC is not simply a collection of electro percussion modules. It is the very essence of what makes the layering process both enjoyable and simple.


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A lot of sounds/kits with a different approach

First off, I took me a while to appreciate that each and every key, which has an assigned voice/sample, can be individually tweaked with virtually every control on the GUI (and, of course, saved as your own kit). I gave this five stars because, besides Samplecraze stuff, I can't think of any other construction-kit type Kontakt instruments that allows each individual key to have its own settings. Now the 18 kits (60 sounds in each kit), and these Samplecraze instruments, are starting to make more senseto me. The arrangement of the sounds in each kit can even have a pattern (e.g., C's may be kick variations, D's may be snares, etc.). The larger kit/key-layout in EPIC makes the use of multis somewhat different than the coordinated DruMM series and maybe no different than your usual multi---but you do get lots and lots of percussive sounds right out of the box and it's very easy to mutate what comes off of any key. 5 stars for the variety and tweakability of percussive sounds, 4 stars for the overall multi utility and clarity of the manual. If you were able to take any one sample/voice and set it to be a single, tonal voice, this thing would be killer. As is, it still has an amazing amount of individually tweakable percussive sounds.

Stan Borek

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