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Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / 3 GB / V1

5 Piece Shell Pack and 8 Cymbals for Kontakt

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Product Overview

  • Complete drum kit; a 5-piece shell pack and 8 cymbals.
  • Dynamic hits; 5026 raw unprocessed samples (3095 MB lossless compressed) for different velocity values over a 12 channel strip mixer.
  • Advanced sample randomization; the same sample rarely plays twice in a row.
  • Internal mixer with basic sound manipulation including multiple output routing for advanced use in a DAW.
  • Mixer contains an extra chamber channel strip where snare hits have been recorded through an authentic echo chamber in Atlantis Studio in Stockholm.
  • Volume sliders for adjusting the amount of spill for each OH/Room microphone.
  • Each drum/cymbal is unloadable to minimize RAM usage.

Note: This is for Kontakt FULL 5.5 (Not suitable for Kontakt Player)

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