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Drumforge I Ultimate

Version: Kontakt 4 / WAV / V1

Award Winning Drum Samples

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Product Overview

DRUMFORGE I is an award winning sample library made from an interesting collection of rare drums from the 1940's to modern day classics.

Each drum has been carefully multi-sampled using a variety of clever engineering techniques to provide you with endless possibilities in drum tone creation at the touch of a fader.

The attention to detail at every corner is why this library won the Pro Tools Expert Editor's Choice Award.

Customers that purchase Drumforge Ultimate from Kontakt Hub are ineligible for a free Sampler plug-in upgrade.  Kontakt Hub customers are eligible for a paid upgrade to the Drumforge Sampler plug-in equaling the difference between the Kontakt pack purchased and the Sampler list price.  Contact [support@drumforge.com] to request the upgrade.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Drumforge I Ultimate

Detailed Articulations

The approach to sampling was to capture every layer of detail possible in order to properly represent the instrument as it can be performed in the real world. Drumforge uses a number of engineering and performance techniques in order to achieve ultimate realism and versatility with each instrument.

Image supporting Tried and True

Tried and True

The instruments recorded for Drumforge I range from tried and true to interesting offerings that can empower your creative side in a single beat. The instruments originate from the collection of Adam Cargin / Williamson Street Drumworks in Madison, WI and feature over 50 years of amazing drum designs that have been meticulously cared for and kept in original condition.

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This library provides you not only with great sounds captured at great detail, but also some additional tools that will help bring your creativity to life. Switch your overheads from X/Y to Spaced pair in the chorus, control the sustain of your toms, or switch the stereo perspective from audience to drummer. The choices are yours with Drumforge, and the inspiration to make great music will speak for itself.

Drumforge Ultimate

This is the ULTIMATE version and it contains:

  • 10 Kicks
  • 23 Snares
  • 9 Tom Sets
  • 14 Cymbals
  • Drumkit Presets

If you are looking for the ESSENTIAL version or the LITE version please visit the Drumforge page.



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Very Natural, Balanced Drum Samples

I bought this based on a few positive review videos that I found on YouTube for Drumforge, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the samples. The drums are really well balanced, and all immediately sound good and solid, either in the natural or processed versions. Basically both sets of samples sound more like 'real' drums than most sampled drums - they just give a great 'feel' of being there with the drummer in the room. Highly recommended.

Brian Bunker

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