Distance Quintet - Orchestral chords and textures
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Distance Quintet

Version: Kontakt 6.2.2 / NCW / V1.02

Orchestrations of major and minor chords and textures



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Product Overview

The Distance Quintet is a virtual instrument created by Kaizen Audio. The instrument explores the effects of proximity and distance as an expressive tool in musical storytelling.

Kaizen Audio recorded a five piece string ensemble consisting of: 1 bass, 1 cello, 1 viola and 2 violins. The quintet was recorded with musicians set on precisely calculated positions in a large scoring stage. A number of microphones were placed meticulously in the room to capture the ensemble from a variety of distances resulting in a wide range of colors, from subtle close intimate whispers to expanding irradiations of loud yet distant articulations.

The collection contains orchestrations of major and minor chords and textures presented in different articulations, from pizzicatos and staccatos to sustained chords, experimental textures and tempo synced polyrhythms. Perfect for composers and music producers looking for an easily accessible string ensemble that sounds great right out of the box. The Distance Quintet offers a fresh take on the age old concept of traditional orchestral string sample libraries.

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The library features four stereo microphone arrays, plus a set of spot mics, each of which offer a unique perspective. Listed from furthest away from the musicians to closest, they are:

  • Decca
  • Room
  • Holophone
  • Close

In addition to the room and close mics, we also present you with two completely different full mixes to get you up and running immediately.

  • Mix 1
  • Mix 2


  • 20 Patches
  • 6 Mic positions
  • 4,074 Samples
  • 2.54Gb uncompressed (1.5Gb in ncw format)
  • Requires Kontakt 6.2.2 Full Retail
  • (Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

Recording, Mics & Gear

Distance Quintet was meticulously recorded in a large scoring stage, through a high end signal chain consisting of premium and vintage Neumman, AKG and Schoeps microphones running into an SSL desk and top of the range Prism Sound converters.

Full Content List

  • Major Chord 1 Pizz
  • Major Chord 1 Stacc
  • Major Chord 2 Pizz
  • Major Chord 2 Stacc
  • Major Chord Moving
  • Major Chord Swells TM
  • Major Chord Swells no TM
  • Major Chord Texture
  • Major Polyrhythms
  • Minor Chord 1 Pizz
  • Minor Chord 1 Stacc
  • Minor Chord 2 Pizz
  • Minor Chord 2 Stacc
  • Minor Chord Moving
  • Minor Chord Swells TM
  • Minor Chord Swells no TM
  • Minor Chord Texture
  • Minor Polyrhythms

Bonus Articulations:

  • Minor Bends Down SP Trem
  • Minor Bends Down
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