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CTFX2.1 - Bass Flutes

Version: Kontakt 4.2.3 / WAV / V1

Tension Building Woodwind Instrument


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Product Overview

Cinematic Tension FX 2: Bass Flutes is our first offering of a unique new woodwind library that offers original composed and orchestrated runs up, spills down, crescendo pushes, hits, textures and ambiances, phrase gestures and ostinatos of 8 bass flutes.

This first volume features 8 bass flutes, a unique sound that is both beautiful and intense.

This new library features a tempo sync function where the phrases and samples will lock into your DAWs tempo making that transition into a new scene time perfectly with your composition. Also we have a very cool set of reverse samples that can be engaged by utilizing the mod wheel for even more crazed sonic textures. Add to this an effects section that includes reverbs, delay, chorus, flange, rotary panning, EQ & you have the makings of one amazing sonic effects beast!

Recorded with loving care on a pristine audio set-up of an A Designs Pacifica preamp, a rare Lucas CS-1 microphone and Lynx Aurora convertors.

Full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 required. Tempo sync in K5 gives superior results.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in CTFX2.1 - Bass Flutes

Image supporting Scores Included

Scores Included

Frank also composed a set of textures, gestures and ostinatos which I think will provide lots of material to give your musical creations that extra "something special" using 8 bass flutes as a springboard!

As a composer, orchestrator and woodwind player I feel I have a unique understanding of how to get the most from these instruments and in subsequent volumes my goal is to continue to provide useful and unique sounds that will also work together with each of the other volumes for a massive collection of woodwind effects. Please use the accompanying pdf score file to see what these samples are actually doing notationally. We also provided the notation within the Kontakt interface window so when you play a note you will see what the notated effect will look like.

Image supporting Chromatic Runs

Chromatic Runs

Another nice thing with this collection is that in one Kontakt nki bank you will have 7 different versions of the effect title, so that in Bass Flutes Runs Up, on each octave starting with C0 you will have an entire chromatic octave range of the effect. For example C0 is a 1 bar chromatic voiced run up of 8 bass flutes, C#0 is the same run up but up a half step in C#, etc. On C1 a new bass flute runs up starts and goes through B1 (in this case it is a 2 beat chromatic voiced run up of 8 bass flutes).

So each octave gives the user a whole chromatic set of runs up, all within one Kontakt nki bank. One very cool aspect of this approach is that if you hold down 3 notes you'll get a 24 note voiced run up, so the possibilities for unique combinations of sound and performance are limitless! You can also combine a Runs Up with a Swirls Up and/or Spills Down and Pushes for even more fantastic sound design, and all keeping a natural organic orchestral approach to your compositions.

Image supporting What People Say

What People Say

“Thinking of Bass Flute FX as just a ‘phrase library’ is not really the sense I get from these wonderfully twisted textures. I see myself getting a lot of use from these, both out of the box, but also as raw elements in further sound design explorations. The recording quality and musicality are first rate, and the warm, organic nature and movement of the eight bass flutes are quite hypnotic!”

- Jeff Beal - Composer (House Of Cards, Blackfish, Appaloosa)

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