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Chamber Orchestra 2 - Standard Edition

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / NCW / V1

2 Years in the Making



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Product Overview

VSCO 2 takes the speed and size-factor of a sketching library and combines it with the extensive detail and quality one has come to expect out of a modern orchestral library.

It was designed and conceived by a team of working media composers to bring top-dollar quality to a budget-driven and neglected corner of the industry.

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This is the Standard Edition. The Standard Edition incorporates all the instruments found in a chamber orchestra, and a few from a full orchestra too. Useful for students and beginners, standard edition can create convincing mock-ups and add a professional touch to compositions at a budget price.


  • 3.8 GB of free space (plus 3 GB for downloadable .rar files)
  • MIDI Keyboard with Modwheel recommended
  • Installation of Kontakt 5.5 FULL or higher (for Kontakt version)
  • Must meet Kontakt 5.5 requirements - NOT for Kontakt Player

To watch all the videos please visit this address:


  • Features standard instruments of an average chamber orchestra.
  • Very small footprint for light systems and composing on the go!
  • 9,254 samples/audio files across 128 individual .nki instruments.
  • Multisampling of 4x on all short articulations and 8x on most percussion.
  • Modwheel dynamic crossfading available on all sustaining patches (Kontakt only).
  • Includes faux-legato for most sustaining instruments (Kontakt only).


The Standard Edition contains 128 individual .nki instruments across 6 categories:

  • Brass
  • Keys
  • Mallets
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
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For years, the only libraries available below the $300 price-point have been either antiquated legacy products recorded in the late 90's, hardly-useful sketching libraries consisting of inflexible sections that limit truly detailed composing, or lacking basic necessities such as velocity layers and multi-sampling or crucial articulations like tremolo.


We've recorded all the essential articulations and then some, incorporating aleatoric and player-chosen extended techniques as well, such as chops or multiphonics. VSCO might as well stand for "Versilian Studios Community Orchestra" because of the incredible community of people involved in helping us make it a reality. Recordings took place across over half a dozen different locations across New England and "Old" England, incorporating performances by over 40 musicians.

In addition, we've created a special Professional Edition for Kontakt 5.5+ that realizes the total potential of the library with multiple mixable mic positions, extra articulations, numerous rare and unique instruments, realistic reverb, faux legato, and powerful stereo positioning controls.

The Professional Edition is also available on a high-speed USB 3.0 flash drive, capable of streaming the orchestra without having to install any files on your computer, and working on the go: the "Go Edition". Please see other product listings for the Pro Edition.



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Great for Percussion, Piano, Solo Brass and Solo Strings, but not much else

This library contains some of the finest pianos and orchestral percussion I have in my possession. Same for the brass, which I use whenever I need a mellower Solo French Horn sound than what other libraries provide. Unfortunately, it is somewhat lacking in other areas. For one, there are no brass section samples, only offering solo instruments. The winds samples are also not that great. Aside from the English Horn, I would recommend other libraries for flutes, clarinets, etc.. While I love the solo strings, especially the cello, the string sections are very disappointing, and so I never use them.

All in all, this is a great library, as long as you have others to fill in the gaps it has.

Milo Zimmerman-Bence

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