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Chamber Orchestra 2 - Professional Edition

Version: Kontakt 5.6 / NCW / V2.6

Complete Orchestral Package



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Product Overview

VSCO 2: Professional Edition is a definitive sample library capable of creating nuanced and realistic mock-ups while maintaining a small footprint.

Latest version 2.6:

  • Library now encoded to work in Kontakt Player and appear in the Libraries tab!
  • Added 150 Snapshots- see Pg. 31 of the new manual for details.
  • Improved installation and download procedure.
  • Various bugfixes.

Updated to version 2.5:

  • Added 28 new “Ensembles”- collections of instruments in easy to play patches.
  • Added Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Baroque recorders.
  • Added Blown Bottle, Flutophone, Small Ocarina, Tin Whistle, Wooden Fife (traditional flute),Mayan Flute (whistle), Native American Flute (whistle), and Tibetan Flute (“bansuri”).
  • Added Horn Section (5P), Trumpet Section (3P), and Tenor Trombone III.
  • Improved many brass with combined “Staccato + Sustain” patches.
  • Added NV -> Singing patch to Cello Section.
  • Improved vibrato handling in WIPS on many instruments.
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"Holy crap, you get so much at such a bargain, in my opinion. You get a full orchestra plus some extra instruments you don't see."

"I'd say that if you are a video game composer, then this is a must... you must have this library because I just see so many uses."

"It's like a full-fledged percussion library within this library. That is one of the highlights for me; compared to percussion libraries out there, it's right up there at the top, in my opinion, in terms of how well it sounds." - Christopher Byrum Harris, Samples Spotlight

"... It's easy to see that Versilian Studios' Chamber Orchestra 2 is in a league of its' own, offering a more-than-complete nice sounding set of orchestral instruments at a very low price point." - Don Bodin, Sample Library Review

"Surprisingly tweakable for this kind of price point; there are a lot of options in the Kontakt interface ... it's not going to replace thousands of dollars worth of orchestral samples, but it does have an interesting engine and some cute sounds as well. The sound is pretty realistic!" - Reuben Cornell, Samplecast 17


  • At least 4 GB of RAM required; 16 GB suggested
  • 15.5 GB of HD space (+13 GB for installation files)
  • MIDI keyboard with Modwheel recommended
  • HD speed of 7200 RPM or higher suggested
  • REQUIRES Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.6+ (latest version)


  • 430 NKI for Kontakt Player or full Kontakt 5.6+
  • Over 23,000 individual samples/61,800 audio files.
  • 90+ unique instruments, from oboes to ophicleide.
  • 500+ articulations total.
  • Multiple mic positions on most instruments.
  • Say goodbye to "machine gun drums" with 4x RR on short articulations, 8x RR on most percussion.
  • Smooth, phase-locked modwheel crossfading on all sustaining instruments means perfect crescendos and diminuendos.
  • Time Machine implementation on many instruments ("TM" in patch name) lets you adjust the tightness of staccati and pizzicati without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Rare instruments such as bass ophicleide, alto saxhorn, cornets, recorders, ethnic flutes from around the world.
  • Eight individually sampled triangles. Yeah, I said eight.
  • Reworked and remastered VS products- Marimba, Xylophone, Harpsichord, and Glockenspiel.
  • New! With 150 factory snapshots across 36 instruments, explore new sounds from familiar instruments- synthesized harpsichords, folk harps, Renaissance recorders, and more


This is the Professional Edition and contains over 300 individual .nki files over 7 categories:

  • Brass
  • Keys
  • Mallets
  • Multis
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Woodwinds

The Professional Edition is the most complete version of VSCO.  

If you want the same version on a bespoke hard drive delivered to your door then check out the 'Go' Edition

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For years, the only libraries available below the $300 price-point have been either antiquated legacy products recorded in the late 90's, hardly-useful sketching libraries consisting of inflexible sections that limit truly detailed composing, or lacking basic necessities such as velocity layers and multi-sampling or crucial articulations like tremolo.


We've recorded all the essential articulations and then some, incorporating aleatoric and player-chosen extended techniques as well, such as chops or multiphonics. VSCO might as well stand for "Versilian Studios Community Orchestra" because of the incredible community of people involved in helping us make it a reality. Recordings took place across over half a dozen different locations across New England and "Old" England, incorporating performances by over 40 musicians.

In addition, we've created a special Professional Edition for Kontakt 5.5+ that realizes the total potential of the library with multiple mixable mic positions, extra articulations, numerous rare and unique instruments, realistic reverb, faux legato, and powerful stereo positioning controls.

The Professional Edition is also available on a high-speed USB 3.0 flash drive, capable of streaming the orchestra without having to install any files on your computer, and working on the go: the "Go Edition". Please see other product listings for the Pro Edition.



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Great RAM-friendly Budget Orchestra with loads of instruments

This is a whole orchestra for a non expensive trade.
Not primarily for the epic-brigade (which I personally appreciate). Of course it can be used for everything, I like that it's very dynamic. You can control mostly anything with the modwheel (lots of RRs). You can play it very quiet too.

Especially the woodwinds and percussions offer some exotic instruments you can hardly find otherwise. But you have all there: Brass, Strings, a church organ, pianos, a harp and more.
Lots of articulations have been recorde and are available via Key Switches (which can be changed and even locked) plus mic positions. It's not so strong on the bass frequency range - so adding an extra equalizer in the DAW can help.

Extra great: There are lots of ensemble-patches, where you have several sections split on the keyboard. So it is really playable out of the box.

Recommended! (and please watch some of the excellent walkthrough videos)

Sarah Fenstermacher

Demo - Seasons by Pablo J Garmon

This demo by Pablo J Garmon was composed using Chamber Orchestra and is the winner of the Versilian Studios Pro Ed. competition

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