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Cello One
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Cello One

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / WAV / V3

Beautifully captured Solo Cello library



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Product Overview

CELLO ONE is a beautifully captured Solo Cello library for the full version of Kontakt. With an intricate True Legato, real time Dynamic Crossfading for velocities, release triggering, staccato & pizzicato articulations.

This is a powerful and unique sounding instrument, perfect for bold and expressive Solo Cello writing.

Important Note: Cello One requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (also works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6). Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.

Changelog V1.1:

  • Improved GUI

Changelog V3:

  • Extra work on Dynamic Crossfading for added smoothness
  • Additional Expression slider for internal volume control
  • A new slow/fast legato transition control, to add greater depth to realism in fast/slow passages
  • New separate FX page with dedicated controls for Stereo imaging, delay and reverb
  • New Reverb menu options and deeper control of reverb style
  • GUI overhaul to account for added FX page
  • EQing of the midrange of the instrument to soften the brightness found there
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Cello one is an incredibly versatile and ergonomic cello instrument for the full version of kontakt. With a deep-sampled approach this instrument has a full true legato system in it’s powerful script. Alongside options to switch into a polyphonic mode to capture double stops, or drone strings.

The instrument also has real time dynamic control via midi cc, giving the user a very performance based playing style. With key articulations captured expressively, all bundled in with a powerful delay, distortion & reverb fx panel. All available from the main gui for ease of use.



Sustained Longs (infinity bow, true legato & release triggering) - F0

Within in cello one’s sustained notes, we have 3 dynamic layers - p-mf-f. or soft-medium-strong. Each note in each dynamic layer was bowed down/up/down, so we could go on to loop endlessly the bowing, and put note length control back into the hands of the end user. We call this our ‘infinity bow’. As a result, care was taken to ensure each note’s natural ‘release’ was captured and used as a ‘release trigger’ which plays upon letting go of a note to give a greater sense of reality to the sound of the instrument. This was carefully placed and scripted to ensure no release triggers are heard during legato passages.

Finally the sound of the transition between each semitone interval of each note for the instrument’s range was recorded with an octave per note being captured. This allowed us to create a truly authentic legato sound, where we hear the sound of the player changing position to the next note in real time, in reaction to the user's input. The results are breathtakingly true to a live players touch. True legato can be turned off whilst in sustained longs mode, by using keyswitch E0 with F0 turning it back on.

Staccato - G0

Placed ergonomically close to the sustained longs, switching between the two should be a seamless and performance based part of your workflow. The staccatos are very short and precise with 4 round robin repetitions per note, across 3 velocity layers. Creating 12 uniquely played versions of each individual note of the entire instrument’s range. So tons of variation to keep inspired by, and to ensure you never fall foul of the dreaded shotgun effect!

Pizzicato - A0

As with the staccatos, the pizzicatos have been recorded with 4 round robin repetitions, across 3 velocity layers and are equally short, snappy and well controlled. With the highest velocity layer becoming something of a ‘bartok snap’ giving these beautiful pizzicatos a real depth of style and texture.

Dynamic slider

The 3 velocity layers can be gently travelled through with the use of the gui’s dynamic slider. This can be right-clicked and linked to your midi cc of choice. A great deal of care and devotion was given to ensuring the transitions happen as smoothly as possible for a solo string instrument, and we believe we’ve arrived at a magic formula for the near impossible task of masking the transitions allowing for huge amounts of immediate control from the user.

True legato / Polyphony mode

As mentioned, these two settings for the sustained longs can be toggled between using keyswitches. However it is worth noticing that there is a switch on the main gui on the top left that allows you to do this there as well. When using the keyswitches, this switch will also toggle back and forth, so you know where you are with the setting at all times.


Onboard this instrument is a delay, distortion, and reverb unit all controllable from the main GUI. All effects have a main bypass switch to the left of the title.



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Nice Legato

Really nice legato cello for a good price. I find it a little 'rasping' at the higher registers but sounds great low.

Adrian Lane

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