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Cedar: Ponticello

Version: Kontakt 5.6.5 / NCW / V1

Peculiar timbral personality



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Product Overview

The "Cedar" library series is a collection of libraries, comprised of three different innstruments:

  • Ponticello (this one)
  • Sul Tasto
  • Bizzarro

Each volume is a single Kontakt instrument with a peculiar timbral personality. The entire series is created recording sounds from a luthier classical guitar. They can be used for composing and producing purposes - like an acoustic percussion setup - as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, video games and any other multimedia product. “Ponticello” and “Sul Tasto” also feature a dedicated effects page that can be used to process the sounds in the library with several processors, both send and insert effects. They are “percussion oriented” sounds, while “Bizzarro” is a keyboard instrument.

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The instrument contains 10 sets of sounds, called “Engines”. Each set has a dedicated channel strip in the interface and can be processed with a dedicated sub-page. You can also choose an individual audio output for further processing in your favorite DAW with effect plugins of your choice. Each sound has been recorded with two different mic placements, and you can mix them to your taste.


  • 10 Sound Engines
  • 3 effects per Engine
  • 3 Insert master effects
  • 2 Send master effects (Delay and Reverb)
  • 10 custom made IRs for the Reverb
  • 90 single samples
  • Total Dimension: 20,8 MB
  • Sample format: 44.1KHz, 24 bit, NCW, stereo
  • Requires Kontakt 5.6.5 or above (FULL VERSION) Version 1.0 (October 2019)


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Interesting and unusual sounds

Michael Wiedmer

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