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Cedar: Bizzarro

Version: Kontakt 5.6.5 / NCW / V1

2 Unique Sound Design Engines



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Product Overview

The "Cedar" library series is a collection of libraries, comprised of three different instruments:
- Ponticello
- Sul Tasto
- Bizzarro (the present one)
plus a freebie called Harmonico.

Each volume is a single Kontakt library with a peculiar timbral personality. The entire series is created recording sounds from a luthier classical guitar. They can be used for composition and production purposes - like an acoustic percussion setup - as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, video games and any other multimedia product. “Ponticello” and “Sul Tasto” also feature a dedicated effects page that can be used to process the sounds in the library with several processors, both send and insert effects.

They are “percussion oriented” sounds, while “Bizzarro” is a keyboard instrument.

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Introduction to Bizzarro

Bizzarro is a unique instrument. It features two separate sound engines that can be blended together to create Your unique sounds. The two engines are called “Transient” and “Partials”.

The first one is a collection of pluck sounds you can shape with fundamental controls and a dedicated multimode filter. The second engine is called “Partials” and it gives You a huge variaty of sonic shaping options.

It has five level controls for “partials”, like you would have in additive synthesis, but instead of being simple sine waveforms each partial is a complex and rich sound, tuned following the harmonic series. It also has a dedicated multimode filter. Both filters have their own envelope generator with dedicated controls. The Partials engine also has a dedicated Vibrato effect.


  • 4 octaves range for both Transient and Partials Engines
  • 10 custom made IRs for the Reverb
  • 9 Transient sets
  • 50 instruments
  • Total Dimension: 4,5GB uncompressed
  • Sample format: 48KHz, 24 bit, NCW, stereo
  • Requires Kontakt 5.6.5 or above (FULL VERSION)
  • Version 1.0 (August 2020)


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