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Version: Kontakt 5.6 / NCW / V1

3 Unique Cajon Instruments for Kontakt



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Product Overview

Three different models were used in the recording. Each one a distinct sonority. they are:

  • Cajon Pithy (made in Brazil)
  • Cajon Tierrapiano (made in Peru)
  • Cajon Cletto (made in Brazil)

The Cajon library was recorded at the 3ml studio in BH, Brazil, by the great drummer Helton Lima, using a very dry room with 4 microphones. A Shure Beta52 was used for the Low, a Shure Sm57 for the edges, a Rode NT5 for Snare and a Neumann TLM 103 for the room. A Focusrite ISA 428 was used for the capture in the UAD Apollo.

Each one of the Cajons has a distinct sonority, being the Cajon Cletto is a lap Cajon. The form of instrument brings a very distinct sound from the traditional cajons.

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  • 2754 Samples – 765MB
  • 03 Instruments
  • 04 Channels Buses
  • Instant Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required (NOT Kontakt Player)
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  • Single Hits
  • Cajon – Pithy
  • Cajon Tierrapiano
  • Cajon Cletto
  • Rhythmic Loops (no sync)
  • Pithy – 3_4 – 8 bar Grooves (104 bpm)
  • Pithy – 3_4 – 12 bar Grooves (157 bpm)
  • Pithy – 8 bar Grooves (92 bpm)
  • Pithy – 8 bar Rhythms (72 bpm)
  • Tierrapiano – 4 bar Rhythms (90 bpm)
  • Tierrapiano – 4 Bar Power Grooves (103 bpm)
  • Cletto – 4 Bar Rhythms (123 bpm)
  • Cletto – 8 Bar Cells (82 bpm)
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