Brood - Dark Soundscapes for Kontakt
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Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / WAV / V1.2

Dark Foreboding Pads



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Product Overview

Brood is a dual-voice orchestral ROMpler for Kontakt 5.7+. Brood, offers you an unsettled, dark, awkward, disturbed landscape of sound. The audio was specially designed for Brood and its DOSA architecture: strange, random, unbalanced audio fragments permeate the sound stage, dark and foreboding, brooding soundscapes that never repeat exactly are Brood's speciality. 
Brood features a dual layer architecture (so you can mix two different voices together), drift(variable tuning) controls, creative filters and modulation controls along with a unique gate sequencer for each voice and 4 sends for each voice.
Brood includes our innovative scene controls allowing you to define 3 scenes (A, B & C), each containing volume, pan and pitch settings, and then morph between them.
Brood is the fourth product using our DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture) Engine. DOSA is a completely new and unique approach to audio playback, it provides endless audio that subtly changes over time, adding realism, movement and interest to each voice.
NOTE: The Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1+ is required. Please do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.
Changelog: V1.2 Minor bug fixes
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Brood is the fourth product using our DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture) Engine. DOSA is a completely new and unique approach to audio playback, it provides endless audio variations in every note - adding musically useful modulations that subtly changes over time, adding movement and interest to each voice and each note.
The output is completely unique. Replacing endless hours of cut-and-paste audio to get anything near the same effect the sound is yours and yours alone and is as simple as selecting a set of voices and playing the instrument.
Here, in the case of unbalanced, out-of-kilter sounds, the DOSA engine's influence when combined with the specially designed audio, is perfectly suited to quickly providing dynamically changing playback for unpredictable but managed results.


Brood comes with 2,140 Samples, 150 custom designed audio sources, 4.3 Gb of audio material and 100 snapshots.


Brood has a secure serial system to prevent piracy. When you purchase Brood you will also receive a 20 digit serial number. Please refer to the install guide for instructions.


Audio Reward are not your average Sample Library developer, we do updates, and we do them for free to existing owners. If you buy one of our products we will offer you point releases (1.0 to 1.1 and all the way to 1.9) for all our products.
These updates include bug-fixes and requested functionality as well as additional snapshots, and sometimes additional sounds. We just keep giving.


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Oh, the things you can do to a snapshot!

Two pages/tabs of the interface duplicate the features of Orchestrata and the third page/tab is a novel 8-lane sequencer, each lane dedicated to a held note in a chord, so holding a chord will result in each note doing its own thing. Would love to see this feature implemented in an update of Orchestrata (Please, please, PLEASE!). As if the main interface wasn't enough, now an even greater mind-boggling amount of variation for any patch. Nice snapshots and 150 good-sounding samples/voices (that's 22350 voice combinations right there). The addition of the sequencer page/tab makes quantifying results a practical impossibility, except to say that surprises and results are easily accomplished. The TRANSPOSE feature (pitch/arpeggiation) is not your usual arpeggiator and will take some getting used to. It works for any set/triggered lane and interacts with the master and the lane settings to yield predictable but, more often, surprising results. You can get a single arpeggio within a lane or across all lanes, or simultaneous variations within/across lanes. Maybe I've been missing something but I can't recall any other pitch arp that works quite like this one does. Fortunately, all the settings on the ARP page/tab can be saved or loaded as an "ARP Preset." Within the darker theme, just an amazing amount of easily generated sound creations and variations, with or without using the randomization features. You will be saving a lot of your own snapshots (or regretting that you didn't). It's getting REALLY difficult to pick my favorite DivergentAudioGoup/AudioRewards instrument but this one is up there. (A "hats off!" aside: I triggered a script error, reported it, and was provided a fixed nki within about 24 hours).

Stan Borek

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