Breath & Beat Box - Vocal Percussion for Kontakt
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Breath and Beat Box

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

A bundle of vocal percussions



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Product Overview

Breath & Beat Box is a thorough bundle of vocal percussions of great precision and sensibility.

It features a main kit, inspired by a drumset, made of 4 kicks, 2 snares with different playing techniques, chromatic toms on 3 lengths, 2 hi-hats, 5 cymbals, 4 shakers and 3 woodblocks and a few complementary instruments designed to help you create even more diverse and detailed rhythms and textures.

A continuous fader control between a close position large membrane microphone and a stereo couple in semi-proximity position makes it easy for you to pick the tone color that best suits your production.

Whether you want a delicate rhythmic arrangement for your compositions, or fancy a live human presence to get your electronic productions warmer, if you wish for an unusual and unheard percussions, Breath & Beat Box is just the kit you need !

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player.

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  • 48kHz / 24 bits (scaled from 96kHz)
  • up to 6 velocity layers
  • 2 microphone positions, with an easy control to get tone color you need
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  • 1 main kit and 4 dedicated instruments to combine ease of use and control
  • Up to 5 round-robins
  • An unheard sweetness for a human beatbox
  • More than one octave of chromatic toms without digital transposition
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