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Bösendorfer Grand Piano - Staccatos

Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / WAV / V1.1

Extensive Piano Staccatos Sampling

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Product Overview

As we've been lucky enough to find a stunning Bösendorfer grand in the same room we recorded our solo soprano library, we decided to record a set of staccato samples between our sessions.

We've been able to get 5 round robins for a delicate pianissimo sound and 3 for the other dynamic layers (mf and f) to achieve a rather small but very expressive and detailed tool that we think will get you inspired!

Kontakt FULL version 5.5.1 required.

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01. Bösendorfer staccatos (Full dyn, x3 RRs).nki

02. Bösendorfer staccatos (Full dyn, x6 RRs via neighbouring zones).nki

03. Bösendorfer staccatos (Pianissimo dyn, x5 RRs).nki

04. Bösendorfer staccatos (Pianissimo dyn, x10 RRs via neighbouring zones).nki

05. Bösendorfer staccatos (Bonus patch: Sub atmospheric inspiration. Based on Pianissimos, x5 RRs).nki

06. Bösendorfer staccatos (Full dyn, x3 RRs) - Custom Mic Output Preset.nkm


  • Extensive Staccatos sampling, no synthetic half steps for enhanced realism
  • Recorded slightly to the right in a medium-sized room, ideal to get some natural reflections but a still intimate sounding performance
  • 3 microphone positions (Close, Mains stereo, Surround)
  • Pre-mixed staccatos patches for an instant full sound out-of-the-box
  • Ready to use convolution effect for a large cinematic sound (no reverb tweaking needed!)
  • 3 dynamic layers (pp, mf, f)
  • 3x RRs
  • 6x RRs via neighbours zones
  • Only-Pianissimo patch with 5x RRs (10x RRs via neighbour zones) for an expressive intimate tone.
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