Bombay Glassware - Kontakt Ambient Percussion
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Bombay Glassware
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Bombay Glassware

Version: Kontakt 5.8 / WAV / V1

Struck and Bowed Glass Library


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Product Overview

An inspiring and beautiful instrument. Simple to use with a straight to the point interface. Rich and enchanting struck and finger-bowed Gin glasses.

With reverse effects, sequencing capabilities, delay and verb (also reversible). Allow Bombay Glassware to inject class and mysticism into your compositions!

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BOMBAY GLASSWARE is a library for the full version of Kontakt, which has captured beautifully the sounds of both struck and finger bowed Glasses. With a rich, resonant and enchanting sound. Perfect for injecting an element of high end sizzle and mysticism, or use the pitch stretched lower end of the finger bowed patch to reach low and resonant, hybrid synth like sounds.

The instrument comprises of 2 separate patches. The HITS patch where you will find mallet struck glassware. Along with FINGER BOW patch, where a more hybrid synth pad like sound resides, created from resonating the glassware with fingers across the circumference.

Within the instrument’s GUI there are 3 main sections:

STEP SEQUENCER - This section is a 16 step sequencer, with pitch and velocity as separate tables for powerful dynamic and rhythmic possibilities.

ATTACK, RELEASE, REVERSE - This section houses the first and last steps of an ADSR envelope, for longer releases or post strike attacks. Just fill up the bottle with Gin, on either / both sides and you’re off! Also found here is a reverse function, to easily switch the instrument to play all sounds back in reverse.

FX - Here is where the Delay and Reverb are housed. The delay is tempo linked for ease of use within a DAW. Simply select from the note value you would like your delay time to be, and set the feedback to taste! The reverb is a shimmery and bright verb, with the added bonus of being able to exclusively reverse just the reverb signal. Leading to some sonically beautiful and interesting results.



5 Stars (2)
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thought I owned all the glass libraries

Yes I thought I owned just about every conceivable glass library, but this one has a special charm of it's own: beautifully recorded and a lovely reverse (x2 if you count reverb) function.

Paul Corello

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Heavenly Glass Sounds

Here you'll get quality glassware sounds in a neat GUI for Kontakt.

Michael Wiedmer

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