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Version: Kontakt 5.6.8 / NCW / V1

4 Voice Hybrid Synth



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Product Overview

Analogy is a “Hybrid Synthesis” Kontakt 5 sample library featuring sound sources of 4 different types of synthesis such as Analog (DCO & Digital Waveform), Additive, Virtual Analog and Hybrid (combining some of the above with Digital Waveforms).

A slightly stripped down “Plethora” Engine interface is implemented, featuring a form of Vector and Subtractive synthesis combining 4 sound sources at a time.

A decent amount of modification controls are provided, in the likes of Multimode filters, LFO, envelopes, transpose buttons and xy pad.

There is an effect section of the most common fx, as well as high quality synthetic convolution reverb to give an extra depth and character to the sound.

We have carefully sampled a variety of sounds by Analog machines (such as JX-8P, MKS-50, DW-8000 & K3), Additive synth (K5) and early Analog Modelling synths (AN1X & micro Q).

The multisampled sounds have been recorded at 48KHz 24-bit resolution and post editing/looping process is done carefully on each sample individually.

They are divided in 5 categories:(AN) – Analog, (HA) – Hybrid Analog, (AD) – Additive, (VA) – Virtual Analog, (HY) – Hybrid .

There are included brasses, strings, polysynths, warm pads, synthetic voices, resonant sweeping or ring-modulated pads and others.

Using the editing parameters new sounds of various types can be created by the user

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