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ZED 80 Vol 2

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / NCW / V1




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Product Overview

Just like Vol. 1 this Kontakt instrument uses sounds sampled from various 80s samplers and synthesizers.

In creating this library I wanted to provide an instrument that will have a wide range of sounds, playable and useful in various studio situations. Some users of Volume 1 have stated it has come in very handy in studio sessions, and a sound from Zed 80 Vol. 1 has rescued a failing session.

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  • Vol 2 of our custom instrument, updated for 2015 with a cool new GUI
  • 1.0GB of sample content
  • Synth & Effects sections
  • Classic 80s synths & samplers
  • Over 300 great presets & Kontakt multis to get you started
  • FULL version of Kontakt required. Not Kontakt player


Over 1.5GB of samples compressed to just over a 1GB using Native Instruments’ compression system and well over 200 presets ready for your musical productions or to tweak away with using the custiom graphical user interface.

The libraries of Zed80 Vol.1 and Vol.2 do have a lo-i vibe to them due to the nature of the older samplers some of the sounds have come from. I think it is true older samplers do have a certain magic to them and vibe. The output from the samplers was connected to a series of vintage valve pre-amps before sampling for use in Kontakt.

The sounds in this collection will be suited to most styles of music from ambient/electronica to dance music. Lots of bass sounds, haunting pads, atmospheres, keys and MULTI Kontakt instruments are included with the download.

All sounds are loaded into memory at the same time and then selected from a simple drop down list, making sample banks selection quick, easy and fun.

All audio demos use only the sounds and effects that come with Zed80 Vol 2.



5 Stars (1)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Le vol.1 était déjà énorme mais Le vol.2 c’est pareil, une tuerie !

Synthé sur Kontakt, réglage simple et puissant, encore 300 presets !!! , une section d'effets et un son géant !
Issu du grand Sampleur 80' le Casio FZ-1.
Pour ceux qui l'on eu ou qui l'on encore, on l'entend de suite, le son est puissant et riche, avec son grain même le filtre est bon, on bidouille facilement sur l'interface, rien à dire, le Casio FZ est là.
1 Go et Livré avec 300 presets, et avec tout ses réglages c'est "presque" Un FZ-1 avec les 100 disquettes incroyables à la maison !
De préférence, utilisez des effets externe (Hardware) comme Lexicon, DBX, TubeTech, Filtre Moog, ou certaine vielle pédale analog, pour lui donner du grain, ce qui lui apporte juste ce qu'il manquait pour être parfait ;-)
A utiliser sans modération et fonctionne pour tout style de musique ;-)
Bravo Synth Magic et Merci Kontakt Hub ****


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