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Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / V1

Metal Found Sound



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Product Overview

An underground room, maybe 6x4 m big, with massive steel racks on its sides full of different stuff - various tools, devices, equipment, 
components. Cardboard boxes, metal plates leftovers, wires of all kinds and lenghts, plastic buckets, bottles with chemicals, cans with colors, 
binders, clobbers, bags, covers... A lot of larger and smaller objects - from a long steel ladder to small tiny srews. Concrete walls and tiled 
floor provide nice natural reverb and I finally got myself down here with my ZOOM H2n recorder and recorded everything and anything that 
got in my sight. My strategy was to catch this place truly and naturally, so I put the mics in surround mode to the center of the room.
Bangs, strokes, rustles, noises, slithers came from all directions for the next almost an hour. When I had circled the room few times, I took the microphone closer to the shelves and recorded another sets with less ambience and more detail - screwdrivers, spanners, boxes with screws, shims, matrixes and also an orchestra of binder, defroster cans...  
In contrary to my earlier "Toolshed", which offered similar kind of sounds, but of old, rusty, aged, obscure character recorded in a wooden booth, "Workshop" provides "present" sounds - it feels more industrial with a coldness of larger space and concrete and metal. I am sure, that few of you are able to get pretty interesting stuff out of it. In my opinion, lot of sounds from "Workshop" is so inspirational, that it is really easy to build weird, interesting rhythmic patterns with even  one of its 17 sample sets. I took my time to create dry and also wet versions of these and added some FX patches as well.
Enjoy playing the Workshop, friends !
FULL version of Kontakt 5.1 or above required (NOT Kontakt Player)
Kontakt Player


  • 16 bit / 44,1 kHz

  • 143 MB (cca 800 single wav files)

  • 17 sets of cca 40 different samples each

  • 45 nki files (dry and wet, FX patches)

  • Various tools and stuff from workshop

  • Bangs, strokes, rustles, noises, slithers

  • "Close" and "Far" stereo recordings

  • Industrial character, natural ambience of concrete walls and tiles

  • mod. wheel is set to control release

What's Inside

Patch names:
Close Cans 1, Close Cans 2, Close Metals, Close Miscellaneous, Close Miscellaneous 2, Close Tiny 1, Close Tiny 2, Close Tiny 3, Far Furniture, Far Metals 1, Far Metals 2, Far Metals 3, Far Miscellaneous, Far Plastics, Far Tiny Metals 1, Far Tiny Metals 2, Tiny Metals 3, Magic Cans 4xRR, Magic Cans 6xRR, Ping Pong, Wet-Close Cans 1, x FX-Anybody there, x FX-Dance with us you can, x FX-Falling Down, x FX-Heavy Transport, x FX-Help me, x FX-Chewing Crackers, x FX-Magic Cans 6xRR, x FX-Metalic Fujara, x FX-Mining Vehicles, x FX-Water Pipes Inspection, x FX-Where is that table


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Another great and inspiring library by Kontakt Hub

Michael Wiedmer

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