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Turner MKII

Version: Kontakt 5.0.1 / AIFF / 0.3 GB / V2.5


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Product Overview

Turner is a sequencer with a lot of hidden power. Under the hood are 5 sequencers running in tandem with controls over sample select, pitch, octave shift, sample start, filter, panorama, saturation, noise, bitcrusher and slice volume.

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Importing your own samples and creating unique rhythms and variations has never been easier. Watch the video for details

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Global Mixer

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Global Dynamics


  • 10 sequencer types open new ways of sample-sequencing
  • Create loops or remix existing ideas
  • Made for inspiring musical experiences


  • 1) Sound select, parameter die, fader for select/slice mode
  • 2) Main menu for parameters: sample trigger, pitch, filter, ect.
  • 3) Pitch menu: 13 different tone scales & modi, pitch env
  • 4) Sound die for random sound combinations
  • 5) Start, stop, transpose / range: +/- 3 octaves
  • 6) Stutter: hold step, step position, tempo of a held step
  • 7) FX: delay and reverb for each track
  • 8) Filtermenu: lp, bp, hp filter, filter env, resonance
  • 9) Volume envelope, attack, decay, sustain, release
  • 10) Sample start sequencer for each track
  • 11) Global filter (LP/BP/HP), Bitcrusher
  • 12) Finetune an stereo spread for each track
  • 13) Capture menu, save up to 10 capture scenes (patterns)


  • A huge sample library of urban electronic sounds
  • 5 x 32 step sequencer for sample select, pitch, octave shift, sample start, filter, panorama, saturation, noise, bitcrusher and slice volume
  • 13 different scales and Midi
  • Envelope-generator for volume, filter and pitch
  • Sample start sequencer
  • Sample slice sequencer
  • Stutter FX
  • Swing/shuffle
  • FX: Reverb, Delay, Fine Tune, Stereo Spread and Random Step Generator
  • Various random options for global parameters and specfic parameters
  • Master FX: Solid State EQ, Compressor, Limiter and Humanizer


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Really easy polyrhythms and randomized drum/percusssion tracks

Five dedicated lanes (each with 128 Kicks, Snares, HiHats, Percussion Sounds, Sounds/Efx), each with 11 separate sequencers, randomizers, random playback, ADSRs, steps-StartAt-StopAt, and more, allow you to program repetitive and/or non-repetitive rhythms and polyrhythms very quickly once you become familiar with the interface. Although it sounds good by itself, the Sounds/EFX lane (lane 5) is called on to do the pad/bassline/efx/lead duty and the overall result is that, I don't expect to rely on Turner to supply overall tonal needs of a composition (I.e., I use something else for pads, leads, keys, etc). This could be a viewed as deficiency compared to AmbiLoop, Synferno, Rhythmology, or hundreds of Construction-Kit libraries mapped for Kontakt, but the Turner MK-II is just monstrous in its ability to quickly generate and play rhythmic creations with or without its additional sound track thrown in. It comes with a nicely illustrated PDF manual, good sounds, and great presets. Once you get how to set it up and use it, you will really appreciate its creative features, capabilities and results. The worst thing is disciplining yourself to stop and save something really neat that is happening, because you usually want to see what's going to happen next. Well worth the full price, a no-brainer when on sale. I bought Schlagomat, the follow-up instrument from Sturmsounds, sight-unseen (ear-unheard?) based on my experiences with the Turner Mk-II. And, yes, I said "neat."

Stan Borek