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Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / WAV / V1

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Product Overview

Download this FREE ambient, sound design library from master sound-mangler Atom Hub. You must be logged in to download this library for Free!

"I am sad, although I keep my smile on. That is not a spark in my eyes, that is tears. When I open my eyes I dream. When I close
them, I wake up in to the nigh of the life. I am a sad clown and I am silent. I can´t talk. I just play. I play this little paper trumpet.
I play about all I have dreamed, about all I have seen, about all that is gone, about all that is not to come. I don´t have anything.
What I have, I am giving now to you. Take this little instrument and make the world of sound a weirder place..."

Analogish, slightly out-of tune, synthy, spacey, unsettling, dark, dreamy, melancholic ambient sounds collection derived from a paper trumpet

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  • FREE Download for Registered Users.
  • 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
  • 123 MB of wav files 
  • paper trumpet sounds
  • 69 nki/nkm files
  • 51 single patches
  • 18 multi patches
  • looped + more-or-less tuned samples
  • Chorus, Stereo, EQ, Cabinet
  • Limiter, Delay, Reverb, Attack, Release  controls
  • Kontakt full version required  


4.5 Stars (4)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Nice sounding...

and very interesting instrument.

Vasil Zgkouri

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Very strange

OMG, what's this?
Some instruments are just nuts.
Some are incredibly beautiful.
It's a basket of surprises.
More a play around than find find a specific sound.
For all of us with a child's heart...

Martin Juenke

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Spooky fresh mixed bag

Spooky mixed bag. Not your bread+butter library. 61 wav (44100 Hz, 24 bits, stereo). I’m not particularly fond of the UI. Great free stuff.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

I love this little guy

This is sooooooo much more versatile than you'd expect. I've recommended this to film composers, as well as electronic and even trap rap producers. It's really versatile, and I've used it a lot in my own music

James Blick

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