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Version: Kontakt 5.6.8 / NCW / V1

Diatonic D Grand



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Product Overview

What has only three strings and has a sound somewhere between a banjo and a guitar? No, I'm not talking about student violins from China, I'm talking about the McNally Strumstick, or more specifically the Diatonic D Grand, our victim today.

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We've recorded just about 'all she wrote' on this instrument- picked, plucked, bowed, and more, with sampled releases, easy string selection via modwheel, two mic positions, and at up to 3 velocities and 4 round robins- 1,700 samples and 20 articulations in all.



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Lovely instrument

Versilian Studios products should get more attention in my opinion - as they make really fine instruments.
This is one of those: Sounds like a zither and for sure meets some criteria as a special crafted string instrument. It also can sound like a lute or a banjo. I love its sound!

You get three main instrument patches (picked , fingered and extended technologies) with lots of different articulations and two micriopohonme positions to choose from. Plus you can change where you want the articulation keys on your keyboard or lock them.

Sarah Fenstermacher

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