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The Magic of Agatha
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Hephaestus Sounds


The Magic of Agatha

Version: Kontakt 5.2.1 / NCW / V1.01

14 Different Sound Modes. One Charming Instrument



Download Method: Kontakt Hub

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Product Overview

The Magic of Agatha is a dynamic and highly playable Harp Instrument for Kontakt 5 (FULL version required) by Hephaestus Sounds.

Featuring 14 different sound modes, 7 different sound configurations and a wealth of additional controls including an arpeggiator.

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• Sampled at 96KHz, rendered at 48KHz 24-bit Stereo
• 5 dynamic layers
• 14 sound modes (GUI or key-switches)
• Live! technology to ensure the best real-time playing experience (not for all modes)
• MIDI CC 1 (Modulation) simulates the “open hand” harp behaviour (octave)
• 7 sound presets to instantly call different FX settings
• Stereo, 3-band-EQ, Delay & Reverb controls
• Dedicated harp tools like Glissando and Bisbigliando
• Arpeggiator function
• Touch curve manager
• Pitch correction tool (both MIDI and Audio)
• GUI developed by Divergent Audio Group team
• Only 216MB total instrument size (lossless compression)
• Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (not on Kontakt Player)

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The 'Live Mode' setting uses advanced scripting which controls all the nuances in real time.

The 'Live Mode' manages round robin, attack, decay, releases and playing noises automatically.

Just play your keyboard and the instrument will respond to deliver realistic playing styles for you.

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