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Slice 4.1 - Disturbed Grooves

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / NCW / V1

Eclectic Sliced Grooves


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Product Overview

Slice - Disturbed Grooves a further collection of matched loops for the Slice loop engine, this time taking no particular genre as  inspiration, instead going all eclectic. 

Please note you need the FULL version of Kontakt (not Kontakt Player)

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Always a powerful loop manipulation tool Slice V4.1 is now adds an all new cleaner interface and  is extended to include new settings and functions. Every beat/step has independent settings for all controls:  

  • Unison mode (for extra punch)  

  • Up to 8 Repeats(for variable Stutter/drills)  

  • Reverse (play any beat backwards)  

  • Random Slice (no two repeats of your loop will be the same)  

  • Mute  

  • Fade In (envelope attack)  

  • 4 independent Send – pointing at the all new FX system  

  • Volume Control  

  • Pan Control  

  • Tuning Control  

  • Ability to select a single Loop Pad and play it chromatically (Pitched mode) 


Add to these the loop-swapping and pattern changing(loop-juggling) from Slice 2 and 3, as well as re-triggering(restart) loops from any of the 32 slice pads whilst playing. Use the 4 independently settable sub-loopsload up to 12 different patterns for playback(and key-switch between them), load up to 12 different loops, from the hundreds shipping with the product (and key-switch these too). Included is the all new 3-track probability sequencer to add an additional three sounds into the mixNew patterns are also included that add randomisation and "triplet-feel" to playback. Nearly everything is CC-controllable or key-switched making Slice V3 the ultimate playable loop-manipulation and play-back tool. 


As ever you can play loop patterns(sequences) forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards(ping-pong) and at different tempos, all synced to divisions of DAW tempo, so you can drift and change tempo in songs as much as you like and Slice will stay with youYou can Latch play-back and resync your loop to get back on the original timeline at any point.  

Just as important is the "direct-play" feature, allowing users to play each pad independently, so you can play Slice live, or record your performance and playback using your DAW. Each triggered pad plays its attached sound and its assigned controls  

New in this version is "Pitched Mode" play. Here you can select any single pad and Slice will map this across 2 octaves for  you to use the sound in as a chromatic instrument. 

Paired to these loop and playback capabilities is the all-new dynamically assignable FX system with 4 insert slots for each loop, where each slot can be filled with any one of over 20 different effects and 4 Send effect slots where you can select from any of 5 send effects.   

A virtual instrument for Kontakt 5.5 and above, Slice still places unique creative and playable features right at your fingertips, and on your keyboard and is still aiming firmly at being a playable instrument not just another library.   

Try the Slice functionality for yourself – Channel Robot are now offering the full IDM Slice V4.1 as a free download from their site. 

Add to all this power the over 200 re-mastered loops expertly crafted and created to be tweaked in Slice V4_1. If you use loops this is the next step for you.  


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Channel Robot originals

Super library on it's own, but it can run other synths, if set up correctly (see Kontakt instructions), then a new adventure in sound design may begin.

Paul Corello

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