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Version: Kontakt 5.1 / NCW / V1

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Product Overview

SID Vicious uses sounds taken from a Commodore 64. Using various C64 synthesisers, and even a C64 synth of my own design created in C64 machine code. SID Vicious also utilised the C64 sound sampler – renowned for great lo-fi sounds.

The C64 was hooked up to a valve pre-amp, various analogue filters, distortion units and an Ensoniq Mirage to create a lo-fi, analogue-sounding instrument.

Please note the FULL version of Kontakt is required. Do not buy if you intend to use this with Kontakt Player

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  • Custom mini-instrument with sounds from the Commodore 64
  • High-quality sample content
  • Synth & effects  all on 1 page
  • Classic C64 lo-fi sound
  • Loads of great presets
  • Low price


SID Vicious is not just another set of SID chip samples. The C64 output has been mashed up and ‘dirtied’ with some choice analogue devices, valves and a lo-fi sampler (Ensoniq Mirage). There is even a really nice Ensoniq Mirage choir in the custom waveform lists. Do not expect really clean and hi-fi sounds from this little beauty. Instead, you should expect lo-fi, gritty sounds – perfect for the ambient music producer, experimentalist and lo-fi music producer.

If you like making ambient music or music silmilar to Boards of Canada, TRS-80, FREESCHA etc, then SID Vicious will have lots to offer you. SID is also capable of making some very hard, aggressive sounds, hence the name Vicious!

Image supporting ACID BASS


It’s even capable of great acid bass sounds (check out the Sid Acid demos).

Some of the samples have been stretched across the entire key range to allow for all the weird and wonderful audio artefacts to come into play when samples are stretched across a wider key range.

SID Vicious comes supplied with a selection of 125 presets (existing owners of the original SID Vicious should have received the preset updates, if you have not then let me know).


The 125 presets are varied and designed to get your musical journeys underway. The waveforms and the custom interface will encourage you to experiment with this instrument and use the raw, gritty, fuzzy waveforms to easily make raw electronic sounds..

If you normally produce quite hi-fi music then you might like to use SID Vicious to inject a bit of dirt and grit into your recordings.


5 Stars (2)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Surprisingly Awesome

I got this on sale and also used some credits to get this dirt cheap. It's exponentially better than I expected and the sounds fit perfectly with the type of music I make.

Troy Mickins

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Another Hidden Gem

I was very surprised to find this thing could go from lofi post rock and ambient all the way to gritty industrial and electronic with a signature sound. A really good find for you industrial and lofi composers.

Cory Pelizzari

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