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Product Overview

SH-M is a Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher instrument (full version of Kontakt is required), based on the 1973 Roland SH-1000 mono synthesiser.

The SH-1000 has a very raw and 'dirty' analogue sound which seems to have more grit and dirt to it than many of the other SH range synths that followed, such as the SH-101.

Each and every oscillator type has been sampled twice; the first set is a 'clean' set of samples, and the second has been processed using various effects to give a set of oscillator samples that have a totally different sound to the originals. The user interface contains the same flip switches for selecting which oscillator range is playing. SH-M also comes supplied with a collection of custom made SH-1000 sounds. These sounds were created on an real SH-1000 and sampled using high end audio interfaces and pre-amps. These custom sounds can then be easily selected via the custom menu system, which allows for quick and easy access.

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  • Custom instrument based on the Roland SH-1000 monosynth
  • 2.5GB of high quality sample content compressed to 1.5GB using NI's lossless compression
  • Extensive Synth, Modulation, Performance & Effects
  • 250 great presets included


The hardware SH-1000 has a collection of presets which are selectable from the front panel and we also sampled these and include this collection of samples with SH-M.

80s funk/disco band, Imagination used an SH-1000 and a Boss Chorus pedal to great effect for the bass sound on their hit record 'Just An Illusion'. We ran the SH-1000 through the same model vintage Boss Chorus Pedal and sampled some of the sounds.

The SH-1000 is a monosysnth. SH-M can also be put in Monomode and has various controls for setting note priority etc. We have also added a full range of effects, arpeggiator, midi sync and free running delays, midi syncable and free running LFO's.


The added advantage with SH-M is the oscillators of the SH-1000 can now be enjoyed in polyphonic mode which sounds great when playing chords or pads.

In creating SH-M we wanted to make something that can appeal to all kinds of electronic music creators. SH-M should easily find itself at home with Vince Clarke/Depeche Mode type electronics, Vangelis and Jarre styles, LO-FI and experimental weirdness, Space 1999 experimental sounds, dance music or even ambient.

SH-M has everything from searing 70s style analogue leads, deep bass, sounds effects, analogue keys, strings and pads and bleeps & noises.



5 Stars (1)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Un SH-1000 sous les doigts !

Synthé sur Kontakt, des réglage précis, puissant et efficace, avec 250 présets, une section Effets, modulation, arpégiateur et du gros son !
Basé sur le grand The Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer
Le son est typé, le grave profond et j'aime la personnalité de certain son avec un grain presque "sale", whaouu.
Programmation simple comme sur le vrai et avec une interface sublime, on a envie de la bidouiller tous le temps.
Avec ce synthé je peux tout faire, basses, cordes pads, lead, brass, effects, oui tout :-)
Il est judicieux d'utiliser des effets externe (Hardware) comme Lexicon, DBX, TubeTech, Filtre Moog, Disto, etc, pour lui donner du "Juice" et encore plus de grain, ce qui lui apporte juste ce qu'il manquait pour être unique et parfait.
A utiliser sans modération sur tout les styles de musique.
Bravo Synth Magic
et Merci Kontakt Hub ****


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