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Pulses Anthology

Version: Kontakt 5.6.5 / NCW / 1.8 GB / V1

Powerful and Extensive Pulse Creator

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Product Overview

Welcome to "Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology", a powerful and extensive pulse creator. This library offers you a convenient and advanced way to instantly create cinematic pulses and grooves, all BPM-synced to your host-tempo. All 500+ samples are divided into 4 banks: tonal low, mid, high and non-tonal. Besides, we integrated an advanced and comprehensive randomization system which allows you to create an infinite amount of pulses with a single click.

“Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology” also features a completely new interface and effects system called Flex Engine, which contains step-sequencer, compressor, filters, destructor, delay and convolution. Each sample in the library can be manipulated via the Grid, and its volume, pan and tune can be adjusted with the Layer Control function.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Pulses Anthology

Image supporting A Hybrid Pulse Builder

A Hybrid Pulse Builder

"Hybrid Fluids: Pulse Anthology" is a unique tool for creating cinematic hybrid grooves in a wink. Select the layers from over 500 BPM-synced samples and set up built-in effects, or pick the loops using the highly advanced and comprehensive randomization system and control the complexity of generated pulses with the Layers knob. This library is a true inspirational environment for composers.

Image supporting Cinematic Sound

Cinematic Sound

"Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology" contains an extensive pack of high-quality tempo-synced pulses. We used lots of instruments to create them: guitars and pianos, strings, woodwinds and brass, tonal and non-tonal percussion and a set of analog and digital synthesizers. Each sample was recorded, polished and processed manually in order to satisfy the most epic and cinematic needs. On top of the raw library material you can use up to 6 effects to create truly unique results.

Image supporting Completely New Interface

Completely New Interface

"Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology" contains a completely new interface designed specially for this library. We used a minimalistic and intuitive layout and graphics to make using of the instrument easy and clear. We have reintroduced the Grid with 9 pages, group purge buttons for all 4 sound banks, envelope controllers and a new randomization system that produces truly unpredictable results.

Deep Control

You are the master of this library, and everything in "Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology" is created to give you total control over the sound. Control the tonality of built pulses, adjust any effect in real time, load any of 4 banks you want to use, or change volume, pan and pitch of any single layer separately, using Layer Control function.

Features and Requirements

500+ tempo-synced hybrid pulses;

  • 2.2 GB of sound sources (compressed to 1.66 GB);

  • a completely new user interface "Flex Engine" featuring the Grid and Layer Control;

  • a comprehensive randomization tool;

  • 6 built-in effects.

  • full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.5 or higher;

  • 8+ GB RAM recommended;

  • approx. 3.5 GB to download and unpack the library.