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Pipe Festival 2

Version: Kontakt 5.2.1 / WAV / 0.4 GB / V2

Italian Concert Organ's Baby Brother.

£18.00 + VAT


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Product Overview

Pipe Festival 2 is based on the same set of samples and sounds as our best selling organ library 'Italian Concert Organ'.  Pipe Festival 2 is a stripped back and simplified version which is useful for quickly sketching ideas in your compositions.

Sampled at 48KHz 24-bit with the superb compression at only 247MB, offering 16 ready-to-use of the most typical organ sounds chosen for us by expert Italian organ players and with an extremely user friendly GUI, Pipe Festival 2 is easily the best sounding Pipe Organ library for Kontakt in this price range.

The video demo has been created by the talented Adi Goldstein:


Kontakt Player


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Pipe Festival 2


  • 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution
  • Samples from our top organ library Italian Concert Organ
  • 16 ready-to-play and typically used organ sounds chosen with the great help of some talented Italian organ players
  • Player/Spectator button. Do you like listen to the organ from the player position or from the church pews?
  • Theatre/Cathedral reverb button. Just switches between 2 different high quality IR samples
  • Modulation controller adjusts the volume (MIDI CC 1)
  • Support for expression pedal (MIDI CC 11)
  • For live playing, a 61-keys-keyboard (or bigger) is suggested; 76 and 88 keys are probably the best solutions
  • Compressed total library size: only 247MB. I think it's small enough
  • Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (it works for 15 minutes only on Kontakt Player!). 


Pipe festival 2 is a natural evolution of the previous Pipe Festival library. Both offer an Italian organ sound, but Pipe Festival 2 offers the best realism, not only for the sample quality, but also for the environment simulation and the stereo field, typical of all the new Hephaestus Sounds libraries.

Pipe Festival 2 has been developed for all the users who want an expressive and rich sound with minimal set up while using a standard MIDI keyboard.

So, here you have a ready-to-use sound switchable with dedicated key-switches.

Pipe Festival 2 has obviously less functions and sounds, but it offers the same sound quality as Italian Concert Organ. Italian Concert Organ (Pipe Festival 2 Big Brother) can be found here


  • : 1. Flutes 8'
  • Principal 8' & 4'
  • Prinz & Flutes
  • Soft Reeds
  • Strong Reeds
  • Funds 8'
  • Funds All
  • Reeds & Pedal
  • Exp. All
  • Grand Jeu
  • Plein Jeu
  • I + III + Ped
  • Fonds et Anches
  • Organo Pleno
  • Great All
  • Tutti


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Great sound

I'm no organist, but I needed some convincing church organ sounds without the need of tweaking. This organ was the answer. All of its presets are great, and now it is my go-to organ when I need church organ sounds. Even compared with more costly options, this organ is one of the best I have listened.

Bruno B