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Version: Kontakt 5.5.2 / WAV / 0.8 GB / V1

Tonal Textures and Field Recordings

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Product Overview

ORGANICA is a collection of tonal textures, blended with spacious field recordings (you'll notice a wide stereo field). The Mod Wheel makes every pad pulse in sync with your Host/DAW, and adds a huge reverb to all field recordings. "ORGANICA" is an instant atmosphere builder with lot of personality. ​

You'll find SOLO pads, DUO combinations of two pads, and a TRIO section with two field recordings layers and a pad which fades in when you use the Mod Wheel.

The MULTIS folder contains pads and low mapped fields, blended together; you can obtain dronish soundscapes very easily, perfect underscores (use the mod wheel and the fields will be reverbered while the pad will start pulsing). ​

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Organica

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  • 850 Mb unzipped
  • 84 patches (nki/nkm)
  • 48 original files of pure pleasure
  • wave 44.100 / 24 bit
  • Mod Wheel assigned to all patches (please try it...)
  • built in the Photosynthesis Engine
  • NOTE: you need the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.5.2 to use this library. It will NOT WORK in the Free Kontakt Player (runs only in "demo mode" for 15 minutes!!).


5 Stars (3)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

... love the Soundeters sound!

Great sounding synth, with good sound design features!

Bruce Charlestein

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Very useful

i use this a lot !

David Roberts

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Ambient and Pads Heaven

Soundethers are great sound designers. I'm in "Ambient and Pads Heaven". These Textures are superb.

Michael Wiedmer