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Mini Magic - Dark Tones Vol 2
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Mini Magic - Dark Tones Vol 2

Version: Kontakt 5.7 / NCW / 0.6 GB / V1

Morphable Dark Ambient Sounds from Synth Magic.

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Product Overview

Mini Magic - Dark Tones Vol 2 is the latest release from Synth Magic in collaboration with Kontakt Hub.

Dark Tones Vol 2 contains a dual layer blending system for quick customisation of your sounds.

76 Presets + 32 Multis to get you started for Kontakt 5.7 FULL version or above.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Mini Magic - Dark Tones Vol 2

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Just like the 5 star rated Vol 1 Dark Tones takes a step towards the mysterious and darker side of sound design featuring 330 professionally produced multi-samples especially created for this release. Sinister undertones, swelling atmospheres and moving soundscapes are all featured here.

However Vol 2 goes a step further and adds some classic anolgue synths to mix which can be used to underpin some of the sounds

Synths used:

  • Chroma Polaris
  • Hartmann Neuron
  • Korg DW6000
  • Atmegatron
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Using the flexible 'Magic Dial' in the center of the interface you can quickly control multiple filters, controls and parameters at the same time.

By simply activating the Led above each dial you can then move the dials and create offsets of dial movements, so one turn of the Magic dial will then move the active dials in varying degrees dependent upon the offset you have made for each dial.

36 Impulse responses are included along with a number of effects and 37 selectable source sounds perfectly suited for science fiction, ambient and horror scores.