Industrial Impacts - Hits and Bangs for Kontakt
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Industrial Impacts
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Industrial Impacts

Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / WAV / V1

197 hard hitting impactive hits



Download Method: Kontakt Hub

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Product Overview

Industrial Impacts is a collection of 197 hard hitting impactive hits, split into 2 unique sample packs.

Big Bang Impacts includes 84 impact hits ideal for trailer tracks and film scores, as well as adding an organic texture to modern electronic music.

Epic Impacts includes 113 industrial recordings. Including hard hitting shutter door hits, metal railing hits and canister hits.

  • 2 Kontakt Samplers (145mb)

Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.5 is require - Not for Kontakt Player

Kontakt Player
Image supporting EPIC IMPACTS BANK


Epic impacts sound bank is exactly what you would imagine. Epic hard hitting impacts that will shudder and shake within any track. Impacts have been created using low end impact hits such as container hits, mixed with crisp top end hits like gates rattling. 113 hits can be found in this bank.

Image supporting BIG BANG IMPACTS


Big bang impacts are a collection of unique impactive hits recorded out in the field in military bases, underground bunkers, warehouses and tunnels. Each hit is highly unique and will certainly add something different to your music.

Image supporting MULTIPLE HIT TYPES


A number of different mallets, sticks and hammers were used to record each impact. Rubber mallets achieve a deeper more solid round impact. Sledgehammers achieve a bright sharp hit. baseball bat hits are more precise and thinner sounding.


  • ADSR - Shape your sound (attack, decay, sustain, release)
  • Group A / B - Two user preset select version A or B
  • Reverse On / Off - Select to reverse the bank of sounds
  • HPF / Reso - Highpass filter and resonance
  • Distortion - Adjust drive, bass, brightness and tone
  • Bit Crusher - Adjust bits and sample rate
  • Width - Spread the stereo width
  • LPF / Reso - Lowpass filter and resonance
  • EQ - 4 band SSL style EQ with gain, Q and frequency controls
  • Compression - SSL style stereo bus compressor
  • Convolution Reverb - 128 impulse responses
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