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Version: Kontakt 5.6 / WAV / V1

Advanced Textures, Pulses and Ambiences



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Product Overview

Helios is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. Each channel has an additional 11 individual sequencers which can all be synced to different speeds to control a rich collection of effects in either a pulsed or blendable system.

That's just the start!

On the second page is yet another set of sequencers which control master effects and 60 beautiful, custom-made impulse responses to further colour your sounds.

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Image supporting Powerful Sequencing

Powerful Sequencing

Each sequencer has advanced controls which allow you to change the speed, number of steps, direction, offset, fade-in, nudge and loop individually per sequencer. Each sequencer also has copy/paste functions, randomisation and built-in presets.

Image supporting Rhythmical Blending

Rhythmical Blending

Helios is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. There are also presets per sequencer so you can quickly select pre-built tools to add rhythm and variation instantly.

Image supporting Unprecedented Control

Unprecedented Control

The 11 effects can be controlled randomly or in positive or negative directions at the press of a button. The amount of control here is unprecendented and opens up a vast world of sound design capabilities.

114 Snapshots

Helios contains 114 professionally designed snapshots to get you started.

Sound Design

Helios contains 5GB of customer made soundscapes created by a selection of different sound designers. Select your source and manipulate the sounds in creative and unexpected ways.



4 Stars (3)
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Verified Review

Powerful, but you need to do the job!

Very powerful and simple to use, but don't expect 1000's of presets. You need to build your own library. Which is good!

Robert Widell

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Features now more familiar; creative results

The parameter sequencing capabilities in Helios are showing up in varying degrees in more and more Kontakt instruments as the primary method for generating evolving sounds and Helios will probably seem more familiar now then when first introduced (unless you were familiar with Wobble or Twist). Two-page layout (main and effects sequencers); effects are mainly presets without parameter tweaking except by sequence or IR selection. Even though step cycles are only in powers-of-two, other goodies are available for the creation of sequences: good interface and mouse options (forward, reverse, randomize, clear, etc.), up to 29 simultaneous sequences per snapshot (11 parameter sequences per voice, 6 master effects sequences, main master sequencer), copy/paste, and sequencer presets---but sequence user patterns cannot be saved/loaded, and copy/paste does not work between pages or snapshots. Still, it's very easy to create very complex, good-sounding, evolving sounds, with or without strong pulsing character (some other synths just step too harshly through the sequences). No global randomization---randomization is on single, individually selected items. I agree with Robert's comments and, with the hundred or so provided snapshots as departure points, it's easy to quickly surprise yourself with fresh-sounding results. The more I used it, the more I appreciated it. It is in what is becoming a crowded field, though, so I'd give it three stars for price and four stars for ease of use, sound creation and quality. If it gets a major sale-price reduction (50% or more), a solid four (or more) stars for value.

Stan Borek

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review


Good sounds!!


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