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Harmonic Machinery

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / V1

Two Virtual Instruments. Granular Sounds.



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Product Overview

Harmonic Machinery is built around samples of 3 unique hand-crafted instruments: Ferrophone, Sonoplotter and Blue Triangle. This metallic sound library contains two virtual instruments: Ferro and Nebulon Ferro, a match made in heaven.

They both have powerful personalities that stand strong on their own, but their sounds can easily be welded together to form intricate sound design structures.

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Ferro is a unique tool for creating original sound effects and cinematic sound textures. It can build a vivid atmosphere of dooms’ day, a hostile industrial world or a recurring nightmare. But it just as easily creates peaceful atmospheric pads and lush sound textures. Ferro can play up to 4 samples from the Harmonic Machinery collection simultaneously. It offers 2 LFOs for parameter modulation and a separate filter and overdrive section per sample. All this is topped off with an extra chain of effects on the instrument level. Possibilities are endless inside and outside of the box!

Nebulon Ferro

Nebulon Ferro is an advanced granular sample player. It is Ferro’s time-travel companion. Nebulon Ferro doesn’t play back samples conventionally like in Ferro, but splits them into small pieces called grains. Many grains can overlap to form complex clouds of sound. One sample can be enough for Nebulon Ferro to create a sound as big and rich as fully orchestrated music. With Nebulon Ferro you can steer the sound towards the darkness or light. And in either case, your soundscapes will sound like a captivating journey into an exciting world.


  • 1.1 GB of samples from 3 unique instruments:
    • Ferrophone
    • Sonoplotter
    • Blue Triangle (Bowed)
  • The Ferro virtual instrument
  • The Nebulon Ferro virtual instrument
  • 59 snapshots
  • All samples recorded at 44.1 kHz, 24 bit
  • A great library full of metallic sound sculpting potential!

Installed size: approx. 1.1 GB. Full version of Kontakt 5 required. 


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One of my new favorites!

This is exactly the type of instrument I've been wanting. It sounds good and it's versatile enough to create dark/light ambient sounds as well as stuff a bit noisier. The interface is easy enough to understand to get you going however, I wish there was a manual or a walkthrough video for this instrument. In any case, I'm happy with it!

Troy Mickins

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