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ARP Exploration 1

Version: Kontakt 5.2.1 / WAV / V1

1970's ARP Explorer 1 Synth



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Product Overview

Kontakt synth based on the 1970's ARP Explorer 1 synthesiser: 2.5GB of samples(compressed to 1.5GB using NI's lossless compression) taken from a real ARP Explorer1.

Exploration 1 for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher (FULL version of Kontakt Required)

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  • Classic recreation based on the ARP Explorer  1 analogue synthesizer
  • 2.5GB of high quality sample content
  • Raw Osc Synth & multi FX plus original Explorer presets
  • Loads of great presets to get you started
Image supporting RAW OSCILLATORS


Synth Magic Exploration 1 comprises the raw oscillators and a collection of presets made on a real  ARP  Explorer 1 using the original ARP patch overlays and owners' manual patch sheets, which we then sampled.

There are also a number of custom samples take from custom presets, once again made on the real machine and sampled. All easily accessible from a drop down menu for fast and easy access to the sounds.

Exploration 1 has lots of greats sounds, including classic ARP leads, bass, drones, sound effects and keys and comes supplied with over 200 presets all easily tweaked or created from scratch using the custom GUI by saintjohnbaxter.

Many extra features were added such as arpeggiator, effects, mono modes with note priority selection switches, midi syncable lfo's etc.

The beautiful tones from the ARP explorer can now be used in your own productions to give you the classic vintage vibe from what is undoubtedly a classsic synth.



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Exploration 1 ou comment explorer l'ARP Explorer

Synthé sur Kontakt, réglage simple et efficace, 200 presets, un chorus, un phaser et un delay, et un arpégiateur !
Le son est riche, avec le caractère issu de l'ARP Explorer 1 analogue synthesizer, on l'entend de suite, les filtres sont très bon, on programme sur une magnifique interface et hop ça sonne direct.
Livré avec 200 présets bien fait, et avec tout ses réglages c'est un synthé à part entière avec beaucoup de possibilité.
Il sonne vieux et gras et j'aime ça !
A utiliser sans modération.
Bravo Synth Magic
et Merci Kontakt Hub ****


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