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Eris Stringis

Version: Kontakt 5.6 / WAV / 0.3 GB / V1

Quick Evolving Strings

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Product Overview

Eris Stringis is a single patch instrument with a built-in memory management system. The instrument contains 75 layered string chords presets. Some of them are bright and some of them are dark. The ERIS STRINGIS uses the same engine as ERIS so the potential is really huge.

STRINGIS will be useful to any composer as an addition to his main strings library.

The idea behind STRINGIS was very simple. To give a quick evolving strings layers to the score.

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Based on our innovative ACT ENGINE, ERIS STRINGIS automatically generates evolving soundscapes allowing you to focus on composing.

In just few quick steps you can achieve a very rich sound palette. 

ERIS STRINGIS does not require the original ERIS instrument to work. It is a standalone product.

50 Snapshots are included to get you started