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Drum Tree

Version: Kontakt 5.5.2 / WAV / V1

HD Drum Library with 26 genre categories



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Product Overview

When recording, performing or choosing an instrument, the technical approach is very different depending on the musical genre you are working with. But now you won’t need advanced knowledge to create the sound you are looking for.

Rather than choosing between drum kits, Drum Tree is divided into genre categories, which allow you to quickly access the type of sound you want and give your music some of that “Greatest Hits” flavor.

At just the click of a button, the typical drum sounds of 26 music categories are available in your studio. There is also plenty of creative freedom when it comes to swapping between 41 snares, 27 hi-hats, and 67 cymbals.

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Core Drums

Drums are at the core of mixing, the range of your music will not only increase, but you will get an insight into the wider campus and be encouraged to increase the range of vocals and other instruments.

You will be amazed at how well the sound stands up under the limiter during mastering. If you compare our specially produced 96kHz sound with any other software, you will be able to hear a clear difference.

Find the perfect sound

What Drum Tree offers is the thrill of finding that perfect sound you are looking for. Drum Tree is a product that, through tremendous cost, effort and dedication has pursued and captured the techniques of the legendary songs, genre by genre and with the utmost respect.

Image supporting 96kHz


Drum Tree can of course be used in 44.1kHz or 48kHz, but we recommend playing it in 96kHz. It's much better without the sampler's automatic sample rate converter.

Image supporting PREMIER Mastering Studio

PREMIER Mastering Studio

Mastered @ PREMIER Mastering Studio. Let the sun shine inspiration down on you, as you devote yourself to creating that great song.

Image supporting Analog


Everything was treated with analog gear by a dedicated sound engineer with over 15 years of experience in the business.

Image supporting Lavry AD122-96

Lavry AD122-96

I didn’t want to intentionally create poor quality sound just to mimic the recordings of old, rather I mixed the classic recording method with the 21st century and digital era of 2016, using the newest and best equipment. I used multiple Lavry AD122-96 for recording, not just for mastering.

Image supporting Western Electric Tubes

Western Electric Tubes

One example of a method I implemented to add sweet and smooth flavor to the recording, was the use of an original custom box of Western Electric tubes for some of the vintage kits, one of my favourite pieces of gear.

Image supporting Multiple Drums

Multiple Drums

Not only simple snares, plenty of brush work and multiple effect snares with cymbals and tambourine are available.

Image supporting Kontakt Player Compatible

Kontakt Player Compatible

This library has been licensed by Native Instruments for use in the Kontakt Player engine. It can be used in the free Kontakt Player or the full retail version of Kontakt (version 5.5.2 or later). The Kontakt “Libraries” browser rack supports this Kontakt Player library. Online serial registration through the Native Instruments Service Center is required to activate this library. 


After purchasing Drum Tree from Kontakt hub please visit the following url:

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