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Product Overview

This time I came back with few ideas and also with two microphones to record sounds, which I left unnoticed when recording Cottage for the first time. I stayed in a close surroundings of Cottage itself, did not taking trips to the neighbourhood :) I also wanted to put together a more balanced collection - louder as well as quieter sounds maintaining the atmosphere of this place. So, again, you will find some nice metal sounds, like big metal hatch, or distributing box hit with a chunk of wood, or more unusual sounds, like apples falling to the grass. Some of the sounds were recorded stereo - for example, I sat on the floor and hit the stone floor around me and mics with the palms of my hands. Or I had stood in front of a pile of chopped wood, hitting it with a chunk, from left to right. Nice addition to these sounds is old metal bath-tub and water clunks recorded in it.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Cottage


  • 16 bit / 44,1 kHz - 180 MB (cca 680 single wav files)
  • 27 nki files
  • Louder sounds of metals and wooden chunks
  • Sounds of palms hitting stone floor, or garden pot
  • Quieter sounds of dry branches, falling apples, water clunks
  • 2 mics Left-to-Right recordings
  • mod. wheel is set to control release
  • Kontakt and above full version required Let´s get back to cottage !