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Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / NCW / V1

Cinematic Percussion Designer



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Product Overview

BARRAGE is the result of our quest to create not only a great collection of larger than life epic drum hits, but also allow you to decide exactly what elements these hits are comprised of!

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Image supporting Ensemble Designer

Ensemble Designer

Our unique ENSEMBLE DESIGNER layout gives you total flexibility, allowing you to not only stack elements into giant hits, but also perform your own rhythm with ensemble hits, accents, low/sub elements, and sound designed hit tails in real time.  On top of the ensemble content in BARRAGE, we have also included a wealth of single drums and expertly sound designed percussion!

Image supporting Control Your Mix

Control Your Mix

The BARRAGE user interface also gives you complete control over the most crucial parameters.  An on-screen mixer featuring three microphone positions grants you total control over the mix, as well as the ability to load/unload mixes and mute/solo options while tweaking your sound.  The built-in FX section gives you several sonic shaping possibilities with the included SLAM (transient shaping & compression), CRUSH (saturation), DELAY (including synced musical values for delay time), and REVERB effects.

Image supporting Ensemble Hits

Ensemble Hits

  • Ensemble Designer
  • Djun Djun Ensemble
  • Surdo Ensemble
  • Taiko Ensemble
  • Tanggu Ensemble
Image supporting Single Drums

Single Drums

  • Dhol
  • Djun Djun
  • Medium Surdo
  • Large Surdo
  • Taiko
  • Tanggu
  • Giant Bass Drum
  • Giant Gong Drum
  • Giant Gong Drum (Tuned)
  • Field Snare
  • Cymbals
  • Metals
Image supporting Sound Design Percussion

Sound Design Percussion

  • Drumageddon
  • Mega Metals
  • Boomthwacks
  • Electrolysis
  • Sub Chaos
  • Reverserized
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