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Version: Kontakt 5.6 / NCW / V1

8 legendary instruments with a modern twist



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Product Overview

Archetype includes some of the most sought-after synthesizers and drum machines in the world.

Each instrument has been meticulously sampled from the original hardware and the result is a vibrant, analog sound that is incredibly fat.

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Image supporting Sickness


Sickness is loaded with dual multi-oscillators that can switch between hundreds of classic waveforms, grain & formant wavetables and the undeniable hypersaw. Match that with a dedicated sub to raise the intensity to new levels.

Sickness includes a massive modulation section with 3 LFOs. Use the assignable LFOs to modulate any parameter for incredible sound exploration. Dive deeper into unknown sonic territory with on-board FX and the Granulizer.

At the center of Sickness is a viral animation that reacts to your music. Adjust the filter cutoff knob to destabilize the cellular blob. Encircling the animation are 3 interactive rings that control the mix between Oscillators 1&2, Sub and Noise volume.

Sickness comes equipped with a flexible step sequencer for creating custom arpeggios and ripping baselines on the fly. Sequence notes and octaves, choose your scale or key, and sequence modulate any parameter. Save and recall patterns on the fly.

Image supporting Rogue-One


Rogue-One is a classic vintage synth updated for the modern era. With the ability to detune oscillators from each other, Rogue-One delivers serious analog fatness as well as dark, cinematic tones and deep, brooding soundscapes.

Rogue-One’s vintage oscillators are rich with harmonics. Combine this with a cavernous reverb, endless delays, deep phasers and a glitchy Granulizer for an epic sound that will mesmerize any listener.

Rogue-One features a rotating vector animation as it’s centerpiece that reacts to sound. Adjust the cutoff knob and watch the geometric shape dissolve and reform in time to your synth line.

Rogue-One comes with a built in step sequencer that allows you to create intricate, dancing melodies on the fly, Draw in notes with your mouse and sequence modulate any parameter, or randomize your pattern for infinite possibilities.

Image supporting Pulsator


Pulsator has 2 beefy digital oscillators capable of gorgeous pads, devious leads and extremely aggressive basses. Detune them from each other to achieve thick, stacked leads or resounding chord progressions.

At the core of Pulsator is a fractal heart animation that pulses with your sound. Increase the filter cutoff knob and experience digital palpitations. The ring knobs encircling the heart control the infamous X-Mod oscillator which causes wild sonic fibrilations.

Pulsator’s FX section can take you into new realms of audio mayhem. Clicking the FX tab changes the X-Mod to Granulizer controls and allows you to stretch and decimate your sound to no end.

Pulsator includes a built-in step sequencer for creating custom baselines and ripping lead arpeggios. Draw in accents and select note length and slide. Choose the scale and key you want to sequence in, then save an recall your patterns on the fly

Image supporting Hatchet


Hatchet is a melodic monosynth capable of soaring leads and warm funky basses. Blend between rich saw and square oscillators or detune them for classic analog fatness.

Hatchet’s warm analog tone can be affected in many ways by on board LFOs and FX. Create subtle dynamic filter shifts over time or use beautiful, dark reverbs and bit crushers to add depth and modern character to your sound.

Hatchet for Kontakt includes a heads-up display with fractal blade animations that react to your sound. Adjust the filter knob to control the intensity of the visuals.

Hatchet comes with a built-in Step Sequencer for creating custom arpeggios. Draw in regular and accented notes and sequence modulate any parameter. Change the scale or Save and Recall patterns on the fly.

Image supporting Evilfish 303

Evilfish 303

Evilfish 303 is a hyper-sampled version of the now classic hardware mod. It comes loaded with 8 levels of analog overdriven waveforms, for an extra-chunky low end. The result is an undeniable analog fatness and absolutely ravenous bass lines.

Evilfish’s classic 303 style filter is morphable and can be switched to notch or formant mode, which animates bass lines with a robotic vocal quality. Dial in additional levels of destruction with Saturation, Distortion, Redux and NUKE.

Evilfish 303 includes a spikey, plasma animation that pulses and grows to your bass lines. Tweak the filter cutoff knob to morph the waves into a peaking frenzy.

Evilfish 303 comes with a built-in Step Sequencer for grid-based acid mayhem. Draw in regular and accented notes, step sequence filter movement or FX. Generate random bass lines and recall patterns on the fly.

Image supporting Clone


Clone is the quintessential 80’s synth, redesigned for the future. At it’s heart are 3 raw, analog oscillators and a host of envelopes, LFOs and FX. Clone excels at sinister, arpeggiated bass lines, raw distorted leads and modulated madness.

The centerpiece of Clone’s interface is the Delta Triangulator, a unique set of controls used to dial in 3 LFOs at once. Harnessing it can quickly lead to interesting modulations. Crank up the VCF Cutoff knob to make the Clone head animation explode.

Clone brings an arsenal of onboard FX including Granulator which can glitch and bend sounds into oblivion. Modulate any parameter with 2 assignable LFOs to create subtle or drastic shifts in your sound.

Clone comes with a full featured Step Sequencer that allows you to draw in notes and generate unexpected patterns with ease. Choose the key and scale of your melody as well as sequence modulating any parameter on the device.

Image supporting Beatdown


Beatdown is a rhythmic force to be reckoned with. Mix and match drum sounds from over 40 kits on the fly or switch over to Global takeover mode to effect the entire drum kit at once.

Manipulate your rhythms with microscopic precision using each cell’s dedicated Envelopes and LFOs. Change the engine for that old school sampler flavor or stretch drum tones into oblivion using Granulizer.

Beatdown’s in-depth controls allow for insane sound design possibilities. Take your drum parts further with dedicated Audio FX and MIDI articulations on each cell. Modulate any parameter with assignable global LFOs to give a sound further expression.

Image supporting WHOOSH MACHINE


Whoosh Machine launches into the void with blistering transitional FX, drones and atmospherics. Blend sources for an enigmatic mix of noise, synth tones and textures.

Whoosh Machine’s unique heads-up display gives you instant access to frequency and rate dials, along with creative envelope controls for perfectly executed whooshes.

Visualize your sound with Whoosh Machine’s unique wave animations. Push your sound design to the limit with assignable LFOs and ultra-creative audio effects like Granulizer.

Image supporting SEQUENCER


All Archetype instruments come equipped with a flexible step sequencer for creating unique patterns on the fly. Sequence your beats or generate melodic arpeggios. Sequence modulate any parameter. Save and recall patterns on the fly.

Image supporting Analog Soul

Analog Soul

Archetype includes some of the most sought-after synthesizers and drum machines in the world. Each instrument has been meticulously sampled from the original hardware and the result is a vibrant, analog sound that is incredibly fat.

Image supporting Native Integration

Native Integration

Archetype is powered by the free Kontakt 5 Player and now fully supports Native Kontrol Standard(NKS™). Owners of Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards and Maschine can easily browse all Archetype sounds at once and instantly access device controls via hardware for new levels of integration.

Image supporting Sound. Design.

Sound. Design.

Archetype for Kontakt captures the sonic essence of the original hardware, but has been completely reimagined on the outside. Each instrument’s unique interface is designed with a modern twist and has reactive animations that will inspire your creativity.


Once you purchase this product you can download it using Continuata

1. Copy the registration code provided and visit the Continuata registration page:

2. Paste in the code, enter your name and email and click the Register button. Your Archetype Kontakt serial number and download instructions will appear and will also be sent to your email.

3. Now that you have your serial number, launch the Continuata Connect downloader app and paste in your Archetype serial number to begin downloading.

4. IMPORTANT: Before using Archetype you must first authorize your serial number using the Native Access app. Simply launch Native Access, click “Add a Serial” and paste in your serial number.



5 Stars (5)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

great sound

analog sounds

Terenzio Alejandro

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Quality (Kontakt Player) collection

Seven synths with shared features and a pad-style rhythm unit. The synths have different foci but similar features and all sounded very good to me. Some of the sequencing, randomization and morphing features have an approach that differs from the operation of many other dual-layer ROMplers but, again, the features are shared across the entire ensemble of synths so, once you get used to one you've got them all (including turning off the GUI animations if so desired). You can get animated, evolving and spectacular sounds but you have to be aware that the randomization feature may be more random than you want at times and can result in some over-the-top or under-performing sonics/levels. Beatdown, by its nature, is different from the other modules and it has features and capabilities above and beyond a simple step-sequencer or pad player. I counted a total of 850 factory presets between the eight modules (786 synth, 64 for Beatdown). There is a single comprehensive PDF manual for the entire bundle and Sonic Faction also has a number of tutorials videos. They show a lot of pride in, and support for, their products. Worth the normal price and a definite bargain on-sale.

Stan Borek

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

like it

One of the better contact libraries I own

Tom Vogel

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

All in one

Endless possibilities in 1 bundle

Lars Øyvind Christophersen

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Awesome Bundle!

Awesome Synth Bundle for Kontakt! Endless possibilities and great sound! This one is a must.

Gus Reyes

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