AizerX: Classic Trailer Toolkit for Kontakt
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AizerX: Classic Trailer Toolkit

Version: Kontakt 5.8 / WAV / V1

Hybrid, epic trailer music, film scores powerhouse


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Product Overview

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit is the newest product from Keepforest studio, based on the original AizerX engine with improved functionalities.

Continue with the outstanding smart samples randomization for creating unique and authentic sound effects, The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit becomes more and more flexible, handy and effective in terms of creating custom sounds elements, universally applicable for hybrid, epic trailer music, film scores, and all other kinds of music, depending on your imagination and creativity.

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit contains a completely fresh massive collection of hand-crafted high quality sound effects, created by the Keepforest team, a new wonderful sounding AizerX synth with presets, including pads, piano, basses, plucks, keys, etc., and other instruments waiting to be explored.

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit is the third main product of the AizerX series from Keepforest. Keeping the best features of the AizerX engine, we continued working and improving the quality and functionality of our product.

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit contains a new universal massive collection of different categories like trailer hits, whooshes, suckbacks, downfalls, downers, stutter, risers, braams, resonators, signals and ambient effects, sustains, trailer pianos, and their sub-categories.
Like all the products of the AizerX series, the Classic Trailers Toolkit offers a deep sound customization with a lot of easy-to-use parameters like frequency filters, LFO, ADSR, sample playback modes, channels mixer, loaded with all kind of effects like EQ, reverb, delay, distortion etc., and a breathtaking XY pad feature.

AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit is one of the best and versatile tool for creating impressive, pro-level sound effects for the trailer industry.


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  • 39 Trailer Whooshes
  • 42 Trailer Hits
  • 29 Hybrid Whooshes
  • 30 Hybrid Hits
  • 51 Organic Whooshes
  • 53 Organic Hits
  • 65 Whooshes
  • 37 Braams
  • 26 Sub Tails
  • 20 Kicks
  • 48 Crackle snares and claps
  • 48 Suckbacks
  • 35 Downers
  • 35 Risers
  • 12 Stutters
  • 64 Benders
  • 90 Sub benders
  • 113 Elements
  • 23 Trailer Pianos
  • 56 Resonators
  • 11 Badass intro kits
  • 12 Tension build-up kits
  • 7 Downfall kits
  • 8 Loop categories (drums, percussions, pulses, etc.) 
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